Politics and the Church – The Church v. the Angel of Light [Part 14]

The angel of light does not want you listening to the voice of God.  He wants you to listen to anyone but God.  That’s where the liberal platform and its proponents step in.  In 2018 a prominent liberal politician said, “climate change skeptics should listen to mother nature.”  He left God out of the equation, putting nature above God.  If you just claim to listen to God, the liberals will mock you.  The co-host of a liberal television show said regarding Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith…”talking to Jesus is one thing, but hearing Jesus talk to you could be described as ‘mental illness’.”  If we are not to listen to God, then who?  We could listen to man, but man and his standards are known to be flawed.  Man’s intentions for you may not always be in your best interest…it could even be intentionally wrong.  The angel of light and liberal agendas intentionally lie and deceive twisting the Word of God.  If not God and not man, the only one left to listen to would be Satan…far too many have chosen to go that route.  The lie comes sometimes from man, sometimes from Satan, but never from God.

God always has your best interest in mind.  He wants you to make good choices, live good lives, have freedom, and to prosper.  He certainly would not want to hear you say, “I hope that I can live on government handouts trapped in poverty living in public housing.”  God, through His Word, gives us guidelines to live by… hope, and the freedom to make right decisions to have an abundant life.  This is what God wants for you.  The Bible says, “For I (God) know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” [Jeremiah 29:11].  He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit and through His pastors.  It is His voice that we should listen to.  The angel of light thinks otherwise.

The liberal agenda is for big government and regulation.  It always supports tax increases and never cuts taxes.  In the words of one of our best presidents, “Conservatives believe every day is the 4th of July, but liberals believe every day is April 15th”.  The liberal agenda wants to control every aspect of your life.  They believe in large centralized federal government in Washington, taking away decisions and choices of individuals, and let’s face it, that’s what some individuals want. Bureaucrats come to believe that they know what is better for you than you do yourself. It relieves some individuals of personal responsibility.  But that’s not freedom and it is contrary to what God wants for your life.  Government will make decisions about your own health.  That’s a major step to controlling you.  Individuals will come to bow down to government rather than God.  The liberal compassion is nothing more than another step toward taking away your choices and putting individuals further into bondage.  It’s all part of the angel of light’s scheme.  Over regulation and removing freedom of choices is bondage.

A recent liberal platform supported president, imposed a record number of government regulations (reducing freedoms) and yet his supporters did not consider him a dictator. In fact many believed that he was a modern day savior.  Another conservative supported president cut red tape and government regulations (increasing freedoms) and he was called a dictator by his liberal opposition.  When we look at states and cities run by liberal factions, there is over regulation, cumbersome red tape and overwhelming tax burdens making life difficult for those who desire the freedom to prosper.  Winston Churchill once said, “If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”

There are many examples of how regulations for regulation purposes only have made worse the situations they were intended to correct.  There was once a city that proposed smaller water tanks for toilets to save water when one flushes the toilet.  The code was put into effect.  Sounds good?  The people ended up flushing twice as much due to lack of flushing pressure, resulting in greater water usage.  Then there is the liberal city of Seattle that passed a “Head Tax”  that required large companies to pay an additional $500 per employee head tax a year.  Of course all of us ‘peon’ citizens know that these big companies are ‘flush’ with spare money to give to bureaucrats.  Well large companies like Amazon that were looking for a place to open large operations, said “No thanks” and moved on.  The same thing happened in New York City recently.  The intended result ended up being detrimental to the cities…and the people who needed the jobs.  Those with some disabilities have a potential chocking problem with soggy paper straws.  Common sense will tell us that imposing and placing massive regulations over everyday life by a large centralized government will lead to failure and restrict freedoms.  Every state is different and cannot be governed with one broad brush.  I have just barely touched on the problem.  The United States Tax Code has five times as many words as the Bible.  With Christians having a problem knowing and understanding the Bible, how is a citizen supposed to comply with such a tax code?  Over regulation is not freedom, it is bondage.

Next week we will look at how our Founding Fathers, using Judeo-Christian principles to build a great nation, have been the target of liberal policies that are made to fail.

– Bob Munsey

“A nation that forgets its past has no future.”  Winston Churchill

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