Politics and the Church – The Politics of God [Part 18]

We have seen in the past few weeks what can happen to a segment of society when man tries to replace ‘the politics of God’ with ‘the politics of man’.  God had a perfect plan for mankind from the very beginning and He knew the eventual outcome, meaning that man can ‘play’ with the ‘politics of God’ all he wants but the outcome will be the same.  It is no wonder that there is so much confusion in our society and instead of the confusion diminishing it is growing in leaps and bounds.  Let us continue with the confusion ‘man’s politics’ is bringing into the world…a world that our children are going to have to live in if we as Christians do nothing.  Remember ‘evil prevails when good men choose to do nothing’.

In 2015 at UCLA, the student newspaper issued an apology for publishing an article that associated menstruation with women.  An ‘apology’?  As the paper pointed out, not everyone who menstruates is a woman, and not everyone who is a woman can menstruate?  For this our parents and government are paying good money.

That same year, all-women Mount Holyoke College canceled a performance of The Vagina Monologues.  Associating women with the possession of a vagina, students decided…students?…was hurtful and exclusionary.

Nothing in science supports these views.  A 2013 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that two-thirds of children who say they believe they were born the wrong gender change their minds and come to accept their biological sex…the one God designed for them.  Another study by clinical psychologist Devita Singh, found that without adult intervention…’man’s politics’…88 percent of kids ultimately evolve out of gender confusion.

Feminists have ignored these findings and continue to push for transition treatments for young children.  (And some in society want to push ‘toxic masculinity’.)  In Canada, psychologist Ken Zucker was fired and his Gender Identity Clinic closed because he argued that most children shouldn’t begin the sometimes irreversible process of ‘gender transition’.  It doesn’t take a ‘rocket scientist’ to think too far ahead to see the potential threats to biological women from this ideology.  ‘Man’s politics’ has made it possible for large retailer Target to establish ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms…why bother with ‘ladies’ or ‘gentlemen’s’ restrooms?  Locker rooms, bathrooms, and public showers are segregated by sex primarily to protect women, who by nature of their physical design are more susceptible to sexual assault than men are…oh those ‘toxic males!.  Many sports are also segregated by sex.  On average men have greater physical size and strength…by God’s design.  It wouldn’t be fair to require women to compete with men in most contests.  Without the WNBA not a single woman would be able to play professional basketball.  These restrictions are not in place to demean women but to protect them.  ‘God’s politics’ had a plan.

If any of this occurred to ‘professional’ feminists, nobody is saying it out loud.  Instead these women’s groups have decided to embrace the transgender movement, believing that every new advance in human sexuality is positive.  ‘Man’s politics’ has joined right in with mandates requiring schools to permit men who come to school feeling like a woman to use the women’s dressing rooms, toilets, and showers.  ‘Constitutional rights’ were certainly not seen in this context by our Founding Fathers and not in God’s ‘creationism’.  In many big cities and almost every college campus, no grounds exist for keeping a man out of a ‘ladies only’ facility.  Once again a ‘rocket scientist’ is not required to expect the abuses that have already started to happen.

In 2016, in Seattle, a man entered a women’s locker room at a public pool while young girls were changing.  When rightfully confronted by staff, he pointed out that he had the ‘right’ to be treated as his preferred gender and couldn’t be told to leave.  Sure enough, under the laws of the city of Seattle, endorse by feminist groups…those protectors of women…he was correct.

In a failure to protect ‘women’s rights’, that stalwart of transgenderism and final word in sex education for young women, Planned Parenthood, has stepped forward to help you understand what it means.  Good luck on figuring out what they are saying:

“Passing describes the experience of a transgender person being seen by others as the gender they want to be seen as.  An example would be a trans woman using the women’s bathroom and being seen as female by those around ‘her’.  Passing is extremely important for transgender people.  Passing can be emotionally important because it affects your gender identity.  Passing can also provide safety from harassment and violence.  Because of transphobia,  a transgender person who passes may experience an easier time moving through the world than a person who is known to be transgender or looks more ‘androgynous’.  But not all transgender people feel the same way about passing.  While passing is important for some people, others feel the word suggests that some people’s gender ‘presentation’ isn’t as real as others. They may feel that passing implies that being seen by others as ‘cisgender’ is more important than being known as transgender.  Some transgender people are comfortable with and proud to be out as trans and don’t feel the need to pass as a ‘cisgender’ person.”  That probably even has God scratching His head.  Here’s an example of what ‘man’s politics’ has permitted to evolve in our society:  A man dressed as a woman demands to be treated as a woman, except in cases where that would be ‘patronizing’, at which point he demands to be seen as a man dressing as a woman.  But in every circumstance ‘he’ is proudly transgender…or something like that.

Women’s organizations looking out for women?  ‘God’s politics’ tossed aside!  There’s still more about how ‘man’s politics’ and the churches’ divorce from the same is doing severe damage to our society, but that is for next week.  Our children today are the ones who will have to eventually deal with it.  If our churches are not preparing them for the future…for fear of offending…then the future is going to be bleak!  But then that should not come as a surprise.  After all the Bible tells us this.  God’s blessings have been abused for thousands of years and the abusers have had to pay a dear price.  One day God is going to say, “I’ve had enough of this foolishness, let time come to an end”. God’s love for mankind can only be tested for so long before it will be ‘time to pull the plug’.

– Bob Munsey

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