Politics and the Church – The Politics of God [Part 17]

One would believe that the importation of of medieval customs from the Islamic world would be a significant threat to the feminist movement.  That does not appear to be the case.  “Immigration is a feminist issue”, declares NOW’s website.  Barriers to immigration are a part of “an agenda fueled by racism” and “driven by hate”, the group says.  “Why Immigration Is a Feminist Issue”, reads a 2011 headline in the Nation.  In 2013 an identical headline appeared on EverydayFeminism.com.  A 2016 column in the Guardian declared that the flood of immigrants entering Europe from Africa and the Middle East to be a feminist issue, and not in the sense that women would need protection from a group that is disproportionally young, aggressive men with retrograde attitudes about gender roles.  Feminist have even ‘attacked’ women who criticize traditional Islamic views of women.  In 2017, writers Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani traveled to Washington to testify before a Senate committee.  Both had been born into Muslim households. Nomani in India and Ali in Somalia where she was the victim of genital mutilation.  Both became ‘Westernized’.  Nomani campaigns for feminism within Islam while Ali, now an atheist, published a book calling for a wholesale reformation of the Islam religion.  While in Washington, the two wanted to talk about the threat Islamic customs pose to women around the world.  One would think that this would be a subject near and dear to the ‘hearts’ of feminists.  Unfortunately feminists leaders were not interested.  At the hearing, Senator Kamala Harris of California…one might expect…snubbed both of the women entirely, refusing even to ask questions.  The two ‘witnesses’ said they believe feminism is for everyone.  Their goals…including equality of sexes…are deeply liberal.  They just knew that these values were the same that the Democratic senators at the hearing share.  Will these ‘witnesses’ find a voice in the senate in opposing Islamic extremism and its war on women?   For now, the answer is no.  Organizers of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, instead adopted as their motif a picture of a Muslim woman wearing an Islamic headscarf, perhaps the most familiar symbol of men’s control over women in the Islamic world.  Co-chairing the march was Linda Sarsour, a Muslim American separatist who not only wears a hijab but has vocally defended the sharia codes under which women around the world are oppressed.  In 2011, Sarsour remarked that “Ayaan Hirsi Ali didn’t deserve to be a woman and should have her vagina taken away as punishment”, presumably in addition to the genital mutilation Ali had already endured as a child.  None of this bothered the ‘professional’ feminists.  During the previous presidential administration, she was celebrated on the White House website as a “champion of change”.  Time magazine added her to its list of one hundred most influential people.  New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand even went so far as to describe Sarsour as “one of the suffragists of our time.”  I see this not as a homage to the equality of women, but an endorsement to the ability to ‘murder the unborn’ at will…’man’s politics’.

One of the most influential books in recent years is Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, a guide to the empowerment of women.  Published in 2013, it sold more than two million copies and spawned a nonprofit foundation that organizes support groups for professional women around the world. Sandberg’s belief,”A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes.”  What she is really describing is sameness, a world where men and women are interchangeable parts, contrary to God’s design.  Ignoring gender differences would be an enormous boon to market capitalism.  Take a look at today’s society and see how that is working out.  Men are walking away from their responsibilities as they feel no longer needed.  Women are feeling no obligation to raising a family and if a ‘human baby’ gets in the way, just eliminate it with the approval of ‘man’s politics’.  Children are raising children on the streets.  It’s survival of the fittest…we read about it and observe it on the TV screens everyday.  Profitable as it might be for companies like Sandberg’s, her ideas are rooted in fantasy and we are watching the destruction of our society’s foundations.  This is what happens when ‘God’s politics’ are ignored.

Contrary to feminist’s hope and dreams, the sexes are not the same.  Over broad populations, men and women have different talents and different interests.  It is scientifically observable.  The differences are real.  Trying to force an entire society to lie about the nature of men and women is bound to cause problems. ‘Man’s politics’ has only added to the problem…’transgender politics’.  The core belief in transgenderism is that biology isn’t for real.  Sex is not determined at the DNA level, it’s determined by appearance. ‘Looks’ are more of a determining factor.  You are what you say you are, even if it’s a description you invented yourself.  We find out that it is educated people who fall for this nonsense especially hard.  Facebook…that stalwart source of truth…has come up with seventy…70…gender choices for their site.  They include asexual, gender neutral, polygender, agender, bigender, gender fluid, gender variant, neutrois, pangender, transmasculine, and something called two-spirit.  An expert on gender identity described two-spirit as “a sacred, spiritual, and ceremonial role that is recognized and confirmed by the Elders of the Two Spirit’s ceremonial community”.  I have no idea as to what the means or how to define any of these but their legitimacy is defended with determined ruthlessness by the arbiters of gender politics.

I would like to bring this phase of ‘feminists support’ to an end but it gets even worse and really can’t be ignored.  Women are at times their own worse enemy but more on this next week.  When ‘God’s politics’ is set aside for whatever is right in man’s eyes, this is what you get.  No wonder our society is so confused.

– Bob Munsey

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