Politics and the Church – Establishing a Position [Part 4]

Now for the past three weeks we have seen statistically that the general citizenry of the United States is not happy with the direction the nation is currently taking, has no confidence in the ability of the church to correct the path the nation is taking, and believes that the government and politicians are more concerned about themselves and securing their position than about the well being of the nation.  Major policy and procedural changes during our lifetime paints a clear picture of who we as a nation have chosen to be and the values the nation has chosen to embrace :

  • Removing the Bible and prayer from public schools  [In founding times the Bible was a textbook]
  • Legalizing abortion [infant murder for convenience]
  • Legalizing same-sex marriage  [‘a slap in the face’ to the direction the Bible gives us and a ‘twisting’ of the word “LOVE”]
  • Government spending beyond its means [Like a college kid with a credit card]
  • Treating the Sabbath as just any other ole work day
  • Protecting pornography as free speech  [Labeling some perversions as OK while others are not; suitable for “Mature Audiences”?]
  • Facilitating divorce [Relegated to the status of ‘going steady’, causing many to question “Why get married”]
  • Penalizing families, including for homeschooling [Required to support the very public schools they want to avoid via taxes]
  • Reducing religious liberties [Primarily for Christians]
  • Instituting unprecedented expansion of entitlement programs [Discouraging personal responsibility and encouraging/rewarding dependence on the government at the expense of tax payers and increased national debt]
  • Enabling government eavesdropping and data collection of all citizens and businesses [in violation of the Constitution]
  • Pursuing foreign policies that have severely weakened our economy and global relationships
  • Creating countless ‘laws’ through judicial rulings and executive orders
  • Vilifying history rather than using it to learn past lessons, both bad and good.

Over the course of the past three hundred years, we have recklessly diluted our nation’s founding purpose and turned our collective backs on the beliefs and practices that made America unique and special.  We have mentally (and, in a growing number of cases, on paper) rewritten our history to be one of a nation dedicated to diversity, tolerance, happiness, and comfort rather than a nation devoted to the pursuit of holiness, humility, submission to God, and gratitude for His blessings.  Once a foundation is destroyed the rest of the ‘building’ collapses.

Next we will take a look at what position this action or lack of action has put us in.  From there we will take a look at where our founders wanted us to go in their original design for a nation and what course corrections we will have to consider to recover.

– Bob Munsey

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