Politics and the Church – Establishing a Position [Part 3]

For the past two weeks I have discussed the general public’s dissatisfaction with the state of the nation and with the church’s ability to positively impact that state. We are keenly aware that government and politics are deteriorating before our eyes.  What is the general public’s view of our current government?

  • Eighty-five percent say Congress is more interested in serving special interest groups than the people they were elected to represent  [CBS News/New York Times poll conducted April 24-28, 2013, http://pollingreport.com/congress.htm]
  • Eighty-one percent acknowledge that most voters are not sufficiently informed about issues to vote wisely.  [Barna Group, “OmniPoll F-12.”]
  • Seventy-four percent are dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed.  [CNN/ORC poll conducted March 15-17, 2013, http://pollingreport.com/politics.htm]
  • Seventy-two percent perceive that America is more divided now than at any other time during their lifetime.  [Barna Group, “OmniPoll F-12.”]
  • Seventy-one percent say the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be disappointed in how the United States turned out.  [Gallup poll conducted June 20-24, 2013, as quoted by PollingReport.com, “Life.”]
  • Sixty-seven percent say that our government will never change for the better.  [Barna Group, “Frames Wave 3”, a national survey among 1,000 adults eighteen or older, August 2013]
  • Sixty-three percent indicate that they usually wind up being disappointed by the people they vote for.  [Barna Group, “Frames Wave 3”, a national survey among 1,000 adults eighteen or older, August 2013]
  • Sixty-one percent ag! ree that Hollywood has too much influence on American politics and social values.  [CBS News poll conducted February 12-16,2014, as quoted by PollingReport.com, “Politics”]
  • Sixty percent admit that the media coverage of our presidential elections is unbalanced and biased.  [Barna Group, “OmniPoll F-12”
  • Fourteen percent strongly believe that they can make a difference if the get politically active.  [Barna Group, “Frames Wave 3”]
  • Six percent are very certain that the government has their best interests at heart.  [Barna Group, “Frames Wave 3”]
  • Seventy-seven percent of Americans are concerned about the future.  [Barna Group, “OmniPoll 1-13 OL”, a national survey of 1,078 adults eighteen or older, January 2013]
  • Only seventeen percent say it is very likely that today’s youth will have a better life than their parents did.  [AP-GfK poll conducted August 16-20, 2012, as quoted by PollingReport.com, “Life”]

As we can see in the opinion of the general public, the government is not viewed very favorably.  This view may or may not be justified but nonetheless it’s how the public views those in charge of our nation and our lives.   It’s not a pretty picture for the future.  Next week I will present some of the actions by the government that supports this bleak view of the future of America.

– Bob Munsey

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