Politics and the Church – Establishing a Position [Part 5]

Last week we took a look at the changes to direction that this nation has taken and to many this is very distressful and disconcerting.  What to do?  Wring our hands, say “wo is me”,  retire to our ‘closet’, and pray that God will do something.  I see things differently.  God is our strength and guidance.  It is up to us as Christians to say, “It is I Lord, here I am Lord”…ready to do your service in a fallen world.  Ask God to forgive us and to lead us out of the wilderness where we have now spent so many years.  If we do, we will undoubtedly be given the simple command:  “Make a 180 degree turn, NOW!”.  We must realize that our choices will have consequences.  We have lost contact with where our founders originally wanted us to go, so the first step is to know where we want to go.  The second step is to acknowledge that our current course will not get us there.  The third step is to consider all possibilities and choose the best approach for arriving at the desired destination.  Today our nation has a “wealth” of desired destinations most leading no where.  The forth step is to make a course correction to the destination that God and our founders originally set for our nation.  The! fifth step is to carefully monitor our course to ensure we do not wonder off track again.  To not do so could put us into such dire straits that the “Ship of State” could flounder and break apart on the shoals of ‘anything goes’ toleration.  Without God we cannot possibly arrive at ‘safe harbor’.  The only way America gets turned around is if each of us individually takes responsibility for the abysmal choices we have made and commits to doing what is right in the eyes of God.  The required turnaround is not a top down effort; it is a bottom up requirement that puts the burden on each of our shoulders.  The accumulation of decades and decades of atrocious choices has annihilated the possibility of an easy restoration process.

Next week we will start a look at what our founders valued and at what is valued today.  That will help us to start understanding the basis of the nation’s problems and how we got so off-course..  What are we willing to do to alter our course?

– Bob Munsey

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