Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 76]

Communism doesn’t want to limit itself to just a portion of our lives.  It wants to consume and control our lives totally.  This week we will look at other areas we have yet to address, however, I believe that it is important that we first discuss the meaning of ‘church’, as some relate it to just a building, or just some denomination, or some cult following.  It is actually much more than that and I want to clear it up.

     In modern English the word ‘church’ is used five ways: (1) a building designated as a place of worship, that is, a church building; (2) all who profess faith in Christ regardless of particular theological beliefs; (3) a denomination; (4) a single organized Christian group, that is, a local church; and (5) the body of Christ, that is, the universal church.  While all of these are legitimate uses for modern English, the word ‘church’ is used in the New Testamentin only the last two senses…a local church, or the body of Christ, the universal church.  At its root, the word ‘church’ means a ‘called-out’ group. The universal church comprises all believers from the Day of Pentecost until the time God takes the church out of the world.  The local church is a geographically located, temporally limited, and visibly evident manifestation of the universal church, the body of Christ.  In the early New Testament days, the local church met in the Jewish synagogue and had a very simple organization.  Later the church met in the homes of believers.  It was not uncommon to have a number of churches in an area.  Denominations had not at that time been established.  When I write about the church, I am focusing my commentary on people who gather together for inspirational support and to find guidance as to how to conduct one’s life by a set of standards derived from an authority other than man.  That is where Communism comes into conflict with free men and women.  That part wants total control of all facets of life.  If that is not willingly surrendered, then one is considered an enemy of Communism.

>   What do we know about the organization which is supposed to run the world revolution?  The Communist International is the concentrated will of the world revolutionary proletariat.  Its mission is to organize the working class of the world for the overthrow of the capitalist system and the establishment of Communism.  The Communist International is a fighting body and assumes the task of combining the revolutionary forces of every country.”  (The Communist, Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1921, p. 11) (If church leadership thinks it can avoid this revolution, it has another thing coming.)

>   Is the purpose of the Communist International to spread dissention and build the Red Army?  “In order to overthrow the international bourgeoisie and to create an International Soviet Republic as a transition stage to the Communist Society, the Communist International will use all means at its disposal, including force of arms.” (The Communist, Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1921, p. 11).  The tasks of the Party in foreign policy are 1…to utilize each and every contradiction and conflict among the surrounding capitalist groups and governments for the purpose of disintegrating imperialism; 2…to spare no pains or means to render assistance to the proletarian revolution in the West; …to take all necessary measures to strengthen the Red Army.” (Joseph Stalin, “Part After seizure of Power”, Pravda, August 28, 1921).

>   What is the program of the Communist International?  The Communist International must devote itself especially to … everyday organization work … in the course of which work legal methods must unfailingly be combined with illegal methods; organized work in the army and navy … such must be the activity of the Communist Parties in this connection.  The fundamental slogans of the Communist International in this connection must be the following:

     “Convert imperialist war into civil war”

     “Defeat your own imperialist government”

     “Defend Soviet Russia and the colonies by every means in the event of imperialist war against them”

(Program of the Communist International. p. 84)

>    Does the Communist International depend upon Communist parties in various countries or does it operate independently?  The successful struggle of the Communist International for the dictatorship of the proletariat, presupposes the existence in every country of a compact Communist Party hardened in the struggle, disciplined, centralized, and closely linked to the masses.” (Program of the Communist International, p. 76).

>   What was the obligation of an organization such as the Communist Party of America when it affiliated with the Communist International?  “Each party desirous of affiliating to the Communist International should be obliged to render every possible assistance to the Soviet Republics in their struggle against all counter-revolutionary forces.  The Communist parties should carry on the precise and definite propaganda to induce the workers to refuse to transport any kind of military equipment intended for fighting against the Soviet Republics, and should also by legal or illegal means carry on a propaganda amongst the troops sent against the workers’ republics, etc.”  (The Thesis and Statutes of the Communist International, as adopted at the Second World Congress, July to August 7, 1920, p. 28)

>   Was it intended from the beginning that Communist leaders in Russia would dictate the policies of the Communist Party in America? “The Communist Parties of the various countries are the direct representatives of the Communist International, and thus indirectly of the aims and policies of Soviet Russia.” (Communism in the United States, p. 8).  “Representatives of Soviet Russia in various countries, engaging in political activities, should co-ordinate these activities in some form or other with the activities and policies of the respective Communist Parties.” (Resolution On the Relation of Communist Parties to Soviet Government Representatives”, adopted by the second convention of the Communist Party of America, in The Communist, Volume II, No. 8, p. 8, August 1, 1920). “Consistently supporting the Soviet Union since its inception, American Communists were acting as internationalists and as Americans.” (Alexander Trachtenberg, “The Soviet Union and the American People”, appearing in The Communist, Vol. XVIII, No.9, p. 885, September 1939).

>   In 1943 the Communist International was suddenly dissolved.  Was this designed to pacify a rising wave of anti-Communist sentiments during World War II?  “Since correct strategy consist in uniting and concentrating all forces against the common enemy, necessitating the elimination of everything which makes such unification and concentration difficult, therefore, the dissolution of the Communist International, decided upon unanimously by the Communist Parties, was doubtless an act in the interests of facilitating victory over the fascist enemy.”  (“Remarks on the Discussion Concerning the Dissolution of the Communist International”, appearing in The Communist, Vol. XXII, No. 11, p. 1020, November 1943).

>   Did the dissolution of the Communist International weaken the plans for world revolution?  “The Communist Parties have thus never sacrificed their Marxist-Leninist principles, which know no boundaries, and which can never be given up by them, but guided by their principles, fight on with utmost consistency.”  (“Remarks on the Discussion Concerning the Dissolution of the Communist International”, appearing in The Communist, Vol. XXII, No. 11, p. 1028, November 1943).

>   Does this represent the official view of the Communist Party of America? “Since November 1940, our Party has not been an affiliate of the Communist International and has no organizational ties with it.  But who can deny that our Party has nonetheless fulfilled its obligations to the American working class and people and in this way to the working class and people of the world?”  ” Nor is the further existence of the Communist International as the living embodiment of the principle of internationalism and international working-class solidarity. The fight for internationalism has not disappeared.  It has been raised to new and more glorious heights.”  “The dissolution of the Communist International does not, therefore, mark a step backward…Millions all over the world live, work, and fight under the bright banner of Marxism.”  (Gil Green, “The Dissolution of the Communist International”, a speech delivered on May 26, 1943, pgs. 3,8, and 9).

     Thus, we complete a brief review of the inspiration Communists find in their quest for power and control.  Their efforts do not pay off for them immediately, but their efforts are marked by patience.  Slowly they are willing to watch the foundations of freedom crumble and if freedom loving people around the world do not wake up, we are going to see the day that ‘freedom’ is a subject found in a history book.  Next week we will start to look at some of the elements of freedom that must be destroyed in order for Communism to win out.  Not surprising some of these elements include ethics/morals, the Bible, religion, and civil liberties.

-Bob Munsey

“Apostolic truth is vital and non-negotiable and must not be watered down so as to be all inclusive.”  A Journey Through Romans, David Cook

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