Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 75]

Last week we started to take a look at some of the reasons we cannot expect to free ourselves of the Communist threat through normal human efforts.  When an ideology is so imbedded in control and power, reasoning will have no effect.  The American public needs to understand this.  I would hope that church leadership could include this information into some of the messages to the congregations…otherwise the Communist efforts will be buried in mystery until it is too late.  Today we cannot even rely on our political leadership to educate the public as there is fear that some may be offended.  Well, I say, “So be it!”.  So, let’s get started on some of the areas of interest that the Communists have focused on to gain influence, power, and control.

>   Illegal operations. Must Communists always resort to subversion and illegal political operations?  Perhaps this helps to explain why the Communists strategists have never been able to take over a single country by persuasion or by popular election of legal candidates. “The absolute necessity in principle of combining illegal with legal work is determined not only by the sum total of the specific features of the present period…but also by the necessity of proving to the bourgeoisie that there is not, nor can there be, a sphere or field of work that cannot be won by the Communists.  It is necessary, immediately, for all legal Communist Parties to form illegal organizations for the purpose of systematically carrying on illegal work, and of fully preparing for the moment when the bourgeoisie resorts to persecution.  Illegal work is particularly necessary in the army, the navy, and police.” (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol.X, pp.172-173).

>   Persons in illegal operations.  What happens to a person selected for an illegal operation?  “A working-class agitator who in any way shows talent and promise should not work eleven hours a day in a factory.  We should see to it that he lives on the funds of the Party, that he is able in good time to adopt an illegal manner of existence, that he has the opportunity of changing his sphere of activities; otherwise, he will not gain experience, he will not broaden his outlook, and will not be able to hold out for at most several years in the struggle against the police.”  (V.I. Lenin, Lenin on Organization, p.95).

>   Revolutionary violence.  Might an American who is converted to Communism belong to the Party but still hold out for peaceful reform instead of revolutionary violence? “It is not enough to take sides in the question of political slogans; we must take sides also in the question of an armed uprising.  Those who are opposed to armed uprising, those who do not prepare for it, must be ruthlessly cast out of the ranks of the supporters of the revolution and sent back to the ranks of its enemies, of the traitors or cowards; for the day is approaching when the force of events and conditions of the struggle will compel us to separate enemies from friends according to this principle.” (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. III, p.351).

 It would then appear that Communists believe that social progress is possible only by revolutionary violence rather than by legislative reform?  “Marxists have never forgotten that violence will be an inevitable accomplishment of the collapse of capitalism on its full scale and of the birth of a socialist society.  This will be an era of tremendous collapses, of wholesale military decisions of a violent nature, of crises.  It has already begun; we see it clearly…it is only the beginning.” (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. VIII, pp. 315-316).

>   Does this mean that it is impossible for an American to be a true Communist without betraying his own country?  Hatred for one’s own government and one’s own bourgeoisie…the sentiment of all class-conscious workers…is a banal phrase if it does not mean revolution against their own governments.  It is impossible to rouse hatred against one’s own government and one’s own bourgeoisie without desiring their defeat.” (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. V, p.147).

>   This then brings to question; would an American Communist be expected to engage in subversive and disloyal activities even if the United States were at war? “A revolutionary class in a revolutionary war cannot but desire the defeat of its government… And the revolutionary action in wartime against one’s own government undoubtedly and incontrovertibly means not only desiring its defeat, but really facilitating such defeat. (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. V, p.142) 

>   But if the Communists are so anxious to break down loyalty to individual governments, why do they insist that American Communists maintain loyalty to Soviet Russia?  “In view of the fact that the USSR (Soviet Russia) is the only fatherland of the international proletariat, the principle bulwark of its achievements and the most important factor for its international emancipation, the international proletariat must on its part facilitate the success of the work of socialist construction in the USSR (Soviet Russia) and defend it against the attacks of the capitalist powers by all means in its power.” (Program of the Communist International, P. 66).

>   So, it appears that the Communists are against nationalism except when it is applied to the USSR (Soviet Russia).  The defense of the USSR (Soviet Russia), as of the socialist motherland of the world proletariat, is the holy duty of every honest man everywhere and not only the citizens of the USSR (Soviet Russia). (P.E. Vyshinsky, “Communism and the Motherland”, in Problems in Philosophy, Vol. 2, 1948).

>   Therefore, if American Communists are expected to overthrow their own Government and serve the interests of the USSR (Soviet Russia), would that not make them anarchists and insurrectionists?  “Only insurrection can guarantee the victory of the revolution.” (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. III, p. 327).  “The revolution confronts us directly with the problem of armed insurrection.  And to speak of this without proper technical preparations, is merely to mouth empty phrases.  He who wants the revolution must systematically prepare for it the broad masses, which will, in the process of preparation, create the necessary organs of the struggle.” (Lenin, The Great Strategist of the Class War, p.17).

>   And finally, all of this for the violent overthrow of the Government?  “The purpose of insurrection must be not only the complete destruction, or removal of all local authorities and their replacement by new… but also the expulsion of the landlords and the seizure of their lands.” (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. III, p. 377).

>   Does not such an inflammatory policy completely contradict the Communist ‘widely published program’ for a peace offensive.  “Complete Communism will know no more war.  A real, assured people’s peace is possible only under Communism.  But the goal cannot be reached by peaceful, ‘pacifist’ means; on the contrary, it can be reached only by civil war against the bourgeoisie.”  (Fundamentals of Communism, published by the Communist Party of America, p.31).

>   For clarification, do Communists in all countries constitute a war party rather than a political party designed to promote peace?  “In the capitalist world today, the revolutionary proletariat supports the war of defense of the proletarian state (Soviet Russia) against the imperialist states.” (Fundamentals of Communism, published by the Communist Party of America, p.31).

>   If Communists are going to call all Soviet wars ‘defensive’ even when offensive means are being used by Soviet forces, what will be the attitude toward other nations which maintain heavy armaments as a defense against Communist aggression?  “We stand for ‘systematic exposure and stigmatizing of all capitalistarmaments, war pacts and war preparations and especially of the defense of the Soviet Union (Soviet Russia) against the league of the imperialists.”  (Fundamentals of Communism, published by the Communistparty of America, p.31).

>   Are Communists leaders expecting a spontaneous uprising in various countries or will they order their followers to engineer an uprising?  “If the situation is ripe for a popular uprising, in view of the fact that the revolution in social relationships has already taken place, and if we have prepared for it, we can order an uprising.”  (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. III, p.298)

>   What methods would the Communists use to overthrow the Government?  “Riots…demonstrations…street battles…detachments of a revolutionary army…such are the stages in the development of the popular uprising.”  (V.I. Lemin, Selected Works, Vol. III, p. 312).

>   Based on Communist experience, what are the most ideal circumstances for a successful insurrection?  “Combining of a mass political strikewith an armed uprising.”  (V.I. Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. III, p.374)

     Thus, we see how the Communists plan to use illegal operations, revolutionary violence, and war and peace to attain their goals.  Unfortunately, that is not where the efforts conclude.  To gain total power and control still more must be involved.  This includes involvement of the Communist International, diplomatic intrigue, ethics and morals (somethings that target countries are very weak in), the Bible, religion, individual freedom and civil liberties, education (which we have already touched on), and finally labor.  We may not be able to cover all of these areas in one week, but we will get started because they are too important to ignore.  Too many Americans want to avoid these subjects because they just make life too overpowering.  But to ignore them can lead to devasting outcomes.  Once liberty is lost it is very, very tough to recover.

-Bob Munsey

“It’s hard to beat the system when you’re standing at a distance.”  Pastor Ryan Beavers, Georgianna UMC

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