Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 55]

I have made no attempt to cover up the blunders of the past which free men have made in dealing with Communism.  Just as Judah did in rejecting the advice if Jeremiah, our nation’s leaders have tried to gloss over the evil in the world so they could declare victory and pretend that evil no longer existed.   Nevertheless, we certainly would be guilty of the ‘decadent stupidity’ which the Communists attribute to us if we allow ourselves to repeat the mistakes in the future.  To head off an enemy, it is first necessary to know where the enemy wants to go and what the enemy plans to achieve by going there.  The Communists have made no secret about this. Their plan first of all is to take Asia.  After that, Africa; then Europe; and finally, America.  Their plan was restated in 1953 when Red leaders set up a timetable of conquest for the entire world, continent by continent.  The plan was to be completed by 1973.  However, American military intelligence captured this timetable at the close of the Korean War and Senator William Knowland placed it in the Congressional Record under the date of April 29, 1954, on page 5708.  Included in the plan was the theory on which the plan was to function: “We have to; until we are certain of victory, take a course which will not lead to war.” (We have heard a similar excuse recently.) Further, “Britain must be placated by being convinced that…the Communists and the capitalist countries can live in peace.”  This peaceful coexistence was not only sold to the people of Britain, but to Americans as well.  (Today, we can still see bumper stickers encouraging ‘coexistence’.)  What does it mean?  It means to accept Communism as a permanent fixture on the earth; to write off as past history the conquest of satellite nations; to placate Communist demands so as to avoid crises and international tensions.  Unfortunately, we have seen examples of this ploy being bought by some leaders of the free world…i.e. Ukraine.  Today, the US, Britain, France, and 36 other members of the Western bloc have succumbed to the lure of trade with the Sino-Soviet bloc.  (i.e. Turn off the Keystone pipeline in exchange for buying Soviet oil.) 

     After World War II, Red forces in France made the Communist party the largest in that country.  Before DeGaulle was able to seize power in 1958, Red influence had helped to carry France to the brink of bankruptcy, anarchy, and civil war.  Communist agitation produced the 1960 riots in Japan that prevented a visit by President Eisenhower.  Japan had to be convinced that rearmament endangered its national security and that American forces distributed all over the world was not sufficient strength for the defense of Japan. Japan’s desire for trade was felt to offer great enough possibilities for steering Japan away from the United States.  Of course, China was in the equation.  By 1960 China’s military, economic, and industrial power was so developed, that by a mere show of force, the Soviet Union and China could bring the ruling clique of Japan to capitulation. While this did not happen, it was quite clear that the United States had to be isolated by all possible means.

     This Communist project was making alarming progress by 1960.  Anti-US propaganda all over the world had created the image of the ‘ugly American’.  In spite of US foreign aid to the tune of $50 billion, Red expansion in Asia, Africa, Cuba, Central America, and South America had begun to awaken Americans to the real threat of Communism.  From the Red point of view, “Whether we can prevent the United States from starting the war, to defending her rights and liberties, depends upon how much success we have in isolating her and how effective is out peace offensive.  “Peace” slowly became the means of paralyzing US resistance as Communists slowly took over.  To the Soviets, ‘peaceful coexistence’ means ‘peaceful surrender’.  Slowly the targets became Arabic countries, India, the Philippines, and even Nasser’s Pan-Arabic Republic…Egypt.  The Communist plan went from colonialism to chaos to Communism.  For the United States, ‘crushing economic collapse and industrial breakdown will follow a European crisis.’  Part of the last stage of the Soviet plan for the conquest of America was plunging the US into a paralyzing depression.  Such a depression would drag in Canada and South America.

     Experts on Communist strategy point out that this entire plan of conquest would collapse if the West awakened…didn’t turn ‘woke’…and took the initiative to start pushing Communism back on all fronts.  Thus far, the tragic blunder of the West has been its continuous willingness to ‘coexist’, to accept Communism as a permanent fixture here on earth, to assume that Communist conquests were unalterable, to allow free nations to be intimidated into appeasing a weak enemy, and to ignore the fact…remember that facts are important…that the Red leaders have admitted in the timetable that they have more reason to be frightened of military action than the West.  So how did Communist activities gain so much influence in world politics?

     The biggest mistake of the West has been allowing itself to drift into a state of mental stagnation, apathy, and inaction.  Maybe if Communism is ignored, it will go away!  The West has been thinking the way the Communists want it to think.  Our founding fathers would be alarmed to learn how confused many of our people have become…including some in our leadership…over such fundamental problems as coexistence, disarmament, free trade, the United Nations, recognition of Red China, and a host of related problems.  Too many Communist slogans have been taken as grounds for many of its conclusions.  It must also be kept in mind that many loyal citizens are working for the same objectives as the Communists because they are not aware that these objectives are designed to destroy freedom.

     Because of the numerous objectives and goals of Communist leadership, I will wait until next week to discuss them.  They are numerous and as freedom loving citizens we must be able to recognize them when there is an attempt to implement them into a free society. 

     So, what part does the Christian citizen have in this scenario?  Government should never interfere with the free exercise of religion, and the church should never use politics to increase the worldly power of the church, however, Christians have a right and a responsibility to hold the government accountable for acts of injustice and failure to protect individual freedoms.  This means that when the government sins against God and against humanity, God’s people no matter where they live, must speak out and hold the government accountable.  As Christians we have a vote and a voice in our government.  But then there are those who will say: “What about the separation of church and state?” As we have probably seen or heard previously, that question is generated by a lack of understanding of its origin.  So, I shall briefly review the situation:

     Seven months after Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as the third president of the United States, the Danbury Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut, wrote a letter to the new president.  The Baptists were a religious minority in the state, and they were concerned that a religious majority might influence the state legislature to establish an official state religion.  Their letter, dated October 7, 1801, asked President Jefferson for assurances that the First Amendment protected them against the establishment of s state religion.  His reply in a letter dated January 1, 1802, stated, “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature ‘would make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”  This ‘wall’ was intended to prevent the state from interfering with the church.  It was never intended to insulate the government from the moral and spiritual influence of the church.  The church has an obligation to speak out against evil and injustice in government.  The book of Jeremiah so well illustrates this obligation.

     Next week we will continue with Communist goals; goals that citizens and church leadership need to be well versed in if the pitfalls of the evil of Satan are to be avoided.

-Bob Munsey

“I am reminded of a joke: What happens if a politician drowns in a river?  That is pollution.  What happens if all of them drown?  That’s a solution!”

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