Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 35]

Going back in time it will be recalled that the Yalta agreement allowed Russia to take over North Korea at the same time the Soviets occupied Manchuria.  This agreement was made to entice Russia to enter the fray against Japan.  As has come to be expected, the Russians did not withdraw their troops until a strong Communist puppet government was firmly entrenched.  As for South Korea, US forces occupied the territory up to the 38th parallel.  During 1949, a United Nations mandate required both Russia and the US to withdraw their troops.  The Russians in their withdrawal left behind them a powerful North Korean Red Army consisting of 187,000 well-trained and well-equipped troops, 173 Russian tanks, quantities of Russian-built artillery, and 200 Russian aircraft.  The US left behind South Korea as a newborn Republic with an army of 96,000 men who were poorly equipped with practically no tanks, anti-aircraft weapons, heavy artillery, or fighter planes.  By the end of 1949 South Korea was even more venerable to attack from North Korea than Formosa was from Communist China.  Washington diplomates had assured both Formosa and Korea that in case of an attack they definitely could not expect any military help from the United States.  A spokesman for the diplomatic left-wing contingent, Owen Lattimore, explained, “The thing to do is let South Korea fall, but to not let it look as if we pushed it.” (New York Daily Compass, July 17, 1949).

     Then in the early dawn of Sunday, June 25, 1950, eight divisions of the North Korean Red Army spilled across the 38th parallel and plunged southward toward the city of Seoul.  The UN Security Council pronounced North Korea guilty of a breach of peace and ordered UN troops to the 38th parallel.  General MacArthur flying to Korea reported the desperate situation to Washington.  President Truman responded by reversing the US peace initiative and ordered troops from Japan into Korea.  Thus a war began because world leaders refused to admit to the truth of Communist aggression.  And just as another peace initiative was being prepared, across the northern Korean boundary of the Yalu River came the first flood tide of what turned out to be a Chinese Communist army of one million men.  The Chinese had already been assured by their intelligence agents that the diplomats in Washington, London, and New York were not going to allow MacArthur to retaliate with the US Air Force.  He was going to be restricted to ‘limited’ warfare.  When we are fighting evil and Satan we cannot limit our efforts in hopes evil will become ‘good’.  Throughout the Bible God gave his people the power to stand up against evil.  God’s people were expected to take a stand.

     It was in this hour That General MacArthur found that pro-Communist forces in the UN and left-wing sympathizers in the State Department were swamping the policies of the White House, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and those who had charge of this now Korean War.  Badly needed supplies were being sent elsewhere.  He was forbidden basically from fighting a war from a winning perspective.  The final blow came when diplomats flatly turned down Chiang Kai-shek’s offer to send thousands of trained Nationalist troops from Formosa to fight in Korea.  MacArthur eventually violated a presidential gag order dated December 6, 1950, and answered a written inquiry from Congressman Joseph Martin concerning the inexplicable reverses which UN forces were suffering in Korea.  He gave recommendations for winning the war that was read in Congress on April, 5, 1951.  Five days later President Truman ordered MacArthur to be withdrawn from all commands.  Politicians do not like their ignorance to be outed.  All this time I can find no evidence of the church getting involved while Americans were overseas being killed by an army of Satan.  The cheering that awaited MacArthur when he returned home to San Francisco helped him realize that the sickness in the American body was not in all its members but only in one corner of its head.  That same conclusion can be applied today.

     It took two more years of military stagnation for military officers in charge to finally say something in public.  Each one verified the fact that the military was never permitted to fight a winning war.  Diplomats had imposed upon them a theory called “Communist Containment”, which actually resulted in containment of the UN fighting forces.  (I guess the diplomats did not want to offend the Communists.  Fear of offending is not a winning strategy when fighting an oppressive force.  That also applies to the church.)  The Korean War had been run by the same team and according to the same policies as those which resulted in the fall of China.  How could this happen?  It was eventually discovered that full-time under-cover agents of Soviet Russia had often stood at elbows of officials in London, Washington, and at the United Nations in New York to argue the Moscow line.  Among high-level spies for Russia during this critical period were two top British diplomats, Donald MacLean and Guy Burgess.  MacLean was head of the American desk in Britain’s diplomatic headquarters at London while Burgess was the second  secretary of the British Embassy in Washington.  Both fled to behind the Iron Curtain when they were about to be arrested by British Intelligence.

     By the time President Eisenhower took office in January 1953 the American people desperately desired to somehow stop the bloodshed.  Hopes for peace were accelerated by a news flash of March 5…Joseph Stalin was dead!  Stalin was replaced by Georgi Malenkov, who worked closely with Lavrenti Beria, head of the secret police.  It was only through economic pressure that policies had to change.  A new slogan for the homeland appeared…”More Food”.  This lead Malenkov to become attached to a campaign slogan…”Peaceful Coexistence” with all the democracies.  It took only 23 days after Stalin’s death that the Communist Chinese acted on these new signals from Soviet Russia. Negotiations opened with the UN commanders which finally led to the signing of a truce on July 27, 1953.  It became effective 12 days later.  Thus ended the Korean War.  It had cost the United States 20 billion dollars (‘peanuts’ by today’s standards) and more than 135,000 casualties.  The cost to South Korea was 1 million dead, another million maimed and wounded, 9 million left homeless, and saddled South Korea with 4 million refugees from North Korea.  All because government officials didn’t want to accept the truth of post WW II political situations or ‘offend’ any world leaders.

     Looking forward the Korean War may be branded the greatest blunder the Communist strategists ever made.  First, it awakened the United States to the necessity of vigorously rearming and staying armed so long as the Communist threat exist…a lesson some of today’s politicians may have lost.  Second, it demonstrated to the people of the United States the inherent weakness of the United Nations.  As Senator Taft summed it up: “The United Nations serves a very useful purpose as a town meeting of the world…but it is an impossible weapon against forcible aggression.”  This is especially true when the potential aggressor is a member of the organization designed to stop the aggression. In the mind of the average American the UN had therefore ceased to represent ‘collective security’.  In 1953 the United States served notice on Britain and France that if the Communists broke the cease-fire agreement in Korea the US would launch a major war against China, thus ending the twenty year old policy of Communist appeasement.  Today’s politicians may need a reminder.

     Next week we will take a slight detour from day to day political actions by governments and take a look at mixing church and state God’s way.  Then we will come back to see how doing this could have saved the world many more life ending disasters.  When Satan enters politics Christians cannot afford to just sit back and watch.  Throughout the Bible, prayer and action has been the solution to man’s problems.  No prayer and inaction has allowed problems to mushroom into unbearable pain.

-Bob Munsey

‘Politics, properly understood, is about how groups of humans organize their affairs.  The Bible teaches that governing authorities have been instituted by God (Rom. 13:1-7)’

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