Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 34]

By 1949 there was little excuse for any alert American…and Christian…to be further deceived by Communist strategy.  Dozens of American-Communist spies had been exposed; many of the leaders arrested by the FBI and convicted of conspiring to overthrow the US Government by violence.  Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley, whom I previously addressed, along with others had laid bare their souls.  The US had endured the Berlin blockade.  Millions had been spent to keep Russia from consuming all of Europe the same way she had taken over China.  Then in October of 1949 a meeting was sponsored by the State Department which almost defies explanation.

    It was held for the announced purpose of deciding what the ‘experts’ believed should be done in the Far East.  America’s ex-ambassador to China was there, Dr. Stuart.  Included were many State Department officials and select guests who were interested in Asia.  (I can’t help but wonder if this is the same State Department who left behind US citizens and Afghan allies to perish at the hands of the Taliban?)  As a result of this meeting the following policies were favored:

>   European aid should be given priority over Asia.

>   Aid to Asia should not be started until after a ‘long and careful study’. ( I see that same argument used today by our vice-president….’while Rome burns, we will study it.)

>   Russian Communists should be considered ‘not as aggressive as Hitler’ and ‘not as apt to take direct military action to expand their empire’.  (How has that policy worked out?)

>   Communist China should be recognized by the US.  (Today the same consideration is being made for the Taliban in Afghanistan.)

>   Britain and India should be urged to follow suit in recognizing the Chinese Communists.

>   The Chinese Communists should be allowed to take over Formosa. (After our cowardly departure from Afghanistan do we not consider that is now on their agenda?)

>   The Communists should be allowed to take over Hong Kong from Britain if the Communists insisted.  (Mission accomplished.)

>   Nehru should not be given aid because of his ‘reactionary and arbitrary tendencies.’  (Leave India open to Communists infiltration.)

>   The Nationalist blockade of China should be broken and economic aid sent to the Communists mainland.

>   No aid should be sent to Chiang or to the anti-Communist guerillas in South China. 

     As anti-Christian as the Communists are, they could not have hoped for a better Christmas gift.  Two of the men at the conference who were foremost in promoting these policies were Owen Lattimore and Lawrence Rosinger, both of whom were later identified as members of the Communist Party.  This entire list of policies was a carbon copy of the prevailing ‘party line ‘ coming out of Moscow.  The new Secretary of State Dean Acheson, announced that these policies would be the policy of the United States.  He stated that the US defense perimeter in the Pacific did not include either Formosa or South Korea.  If attacked they would have to stand for themselves, with the option of appealing to the UN.  US diplomats were abandoning Formosa and Korea.  It literally invited Communist attack on these free-world allies by giving advance notice that these areas could be invaded without interference from the United States.  It took the Communists only six months to act.  They chose the practically defenseless territory of South Korea as the first theater of war.  (It would appear that even before Afghanistan the State Department had practice in making bad decisions.)

     Opinion:   As far as I am concerned, the UN building in New York City should be turned into a Holiday Inn and every politician/diplomat there should be sent packing.  They are controlled by the very people the UN was designed to protect freedom loving people from.

     Next week we will take a look at the US and allies being forced to take a stand against Communism with or without UN backing.  Earlier agreements by the State Department were coming back to ‘bite’ us, forcing the leadership in the US to take a stand.

-Bob Munsey

“Those who adamantly argue religion has no role in government never complain when government intrudes into religion, which is exactly what our founders sought to prevent with the adoption of the First Amendment.” Mixing Church and State…God’s Way by Rick Scarborough

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