Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 6]

During World War Two General Patton was asked how he was able to defeat German General Rommel…then known as the ‘Desert Fox’?  Patton’s response, “I read his book”.  By studying the mind of Rommel he was able to counter his maneuvers in desert warfare.  Today, as Christians, we read and study the Bible…or at least we should.  We learn God’s will for our lives through his word.  But the enemy, Satan, too has a ‘book’ of instructions designed to rid his ‘kingdom’ of all enemies, including Christianity and the church.  That is why I continue to write on this subject so we can detect his agents in action and know how and when to defeat them.

     One can see through history and news reports the damage communism has done throughout the world.  We might ask how a great scientist or anyone with much education could fall for Communism?  Could it be that Communism appeals to certain educated individuals because it includes an intriguing “philosophy of nature”?   There is much we need to learn about the church’s greatest enemy today by studying the questions communists provide ‘answers’ for, such as:

>  What is the “law of opposites”?

>  What is the “law of negation”?

>  What is the “law of transformation”?

>  How does the Communist explain the origins of life?

>  Does the universe have a designer or purpose?

>  What is meant by the concept that everything is a result of accumulated accident?

>  Does Communism have a god?

>  Who does Communism say is really man’s god?

>  Who does Communism say must remake the world?

>  How does Communism justify the use of violence?

     The influence of Marx and Engels has continued on earth, not that they were against so many things, but primarily because they stood for something.  They promised to satisfy humanity’s two greatest needs: the need for universal peace and the need for universal prosperity.  The fact that Communism offered a millennium for all the distracted, dissatisfied, and unhappy people in the world assured it a hearing, not merely by under-privileged workers, but by many of the aristocracy, many of the wealthy, and many of the political and economic theorists.  When they heard the plans of Marx and Engels to achieve universal peace and prosperity they began dividing into clear-cut camps for or against Communism.  One group insisted that Communism was worth a try in spite of the blood bath it would bring to humanity…what is one more war if it is the gateway to permanent peace?  The other camp insisted that Communism was a complete repudiation of every decent human attribute.  It would forfeit all the gain which men have made through centuries of struggle.  What then is the case for Communism?

     The basic Communist idea is that everything in existence can be explained to one thing…matter.  Beyond matter there is nothing.  Matter is the total explanation for atoms, solar systems, plants, animals, man, psychic consciousness, human intelligence, and all other aspects of life.  While Communism has assigned to science the task of knowing all truth, it has limited the investigation to one element…matter.  Matter would be accepted as the beginning and end of all reality.  (In my research I have yet to come across the source of the one element they rely on to justify their agenda…matter.)   Communist philosophy sets forth to answer three questions:

>  What is the origin of energy or motion in nature?

>  What causes galaxies, solar systems, planets, animals, and all kingdoms of nature to constantly increase their numerical quantity?

>  What is the origin of life, the origin of species, and the origin of consciousness and mind?

     Marx and Engels answered all of these questions with their three laws of matter:

>  The law of opposites

>  The law of negation

>  The law of transformation 

     They started with the observation that everything in existence is a combination or unity of opposites.  (Conze, E., Dialectical Materialism, London, N.C.L.C. Society, 1936, page 35).  Electricity is characterized by positive and negative charge.  Atoms consist of protons and electrons which are unified but contradictory forces.  Each organic body has qualities of attraction and repulsion.  Even human beings find through introspect that they are unity in opposite qualities…selfishness and altruism, courage and cowardice, social traits and anti-social traits, humbleness and pride, masculinity and femininity.  The Communist conclusion is that everything in existence “contains two mutually incompatible and exclusive but nevertheless equally essential and indispensable parts or aspects.  (Engels, Friedrich, Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, pages 47-48).  The Communist concept is that this unity of opposites in nature is the thing which makes each entity auto-dynamic and provide the constant motivation for movement and change.  It was Georg Hegel (1770-1831) who said: “Contradiction in nature is the root of all motion and all of life.” (Quoted by V. Adoratsky, Dialectical Materialism, pages 26-27).  The word ‘dialectics’ has a very special meaning to Communists.  It represent the idea of conflict in nature.  The point that the Communist wants to make clear in the law is that each thing in the universe is in a state of motion because it is a parcel made up of opposite forces which are struggling within it.  Thus a constant state of struggle is seen as a way of life until Communist goals are attained. 

     The law of negation helps the Communist writers account for the tendency in nature to constantly increase the numerical quantity of things.  They will say that all nature is constantly expanding through dying.  Engels cited the case of the barley seed which, in its natural state, germinates out of its own death or negation to produce a plant.  Out of this dynamic process of dying energy is released to expand and produce many more entities of the same kind.  Thus the Communist view point that blood must be spilled for the world to advance.   

      Finally, there is the law of transformation.  Simply put, the law states that a continuous quantitative development by a particular class often results in a ‘leap’ in nature whereby a completely new form or entity is produced.  On the basis of this principle Communist philosophers decided that the phenomenon of life was the product of one of these leaps.  Engels stated that the complex chemical structure of matter evolved until albuminous substance was formed, and from this albuminous substance life emerged.  This was strictly the result of a higher form of motion in nature.  Thus God’s involvement in creation is nothing more than myth, or so the Communist would want the world to believe.  In some universities this is being taught.  Is the church going to ignore it or counter it?

     Next week I will look into the Communist theories on the origin of life, consciousness and the mind.  This is part of my effort to help us read the enemy’s ‘play book’.  To win this war we have to know the Word of God and know the ploys that the enemy will try to use to counter that Word.  It would not be so vital in this combat except that many in this world are buying the Communist ‘story’ and are on the road to hell unless they are enlightened.  The church…not some building…must stand up and speak up before generations are lost.

-Bob Munsey

“See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.”  Colossians 2:8

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