Politics and the Church – The Hypocrisy of Politics in the Church [Part 53]

I had fully intended to start a new sub-series this week on the threat of liberalism/communism/progressiveism to the church but I came across some additional information on some churches supporting the ‘abortion business’ and I believe it is too valuable to the discussion on abortion to not include it in the current series.

     In the past weeks World Magazine came out with a disturbing statistic…”Sometimes even Christians make bad decisions to abort.  The organization SaveOne estimates that 2 out of 3 women who choose abortion profess to Christianity.” If we ever hope to end this culture of the murder of the unborn…abortion…Christians MUST take a lead…even though it involves politics.  The truth is that this culture is no accident.

     Over the past few years, Planned Parenthood has unleashed a massive campaign to infiltrate Christian colleges to further their abortion schemes.  SFLA had a research team sample over 800 Christian colleges across America, and the results should bring Christians into an epiphany moment. Out of 200 Catholic colleges/universities and 606 Evangelical colleges and schools surveyed, it was found that 103, most of which were colleges, had a relationship to Planned Parenthood or the abortion industry.  The ‘abortion lobby’ knows that if it can co-opt even a portion of American Christians, their murderous business will be solidified for generations.

     Nearly 40% of women who have abortions attend church. And it’s not uncommon to see cars parked outside the Roanoke, Virginia, Planned Parenthood with parking decals from one of the leading Christian universities in the country that’s just down the road.  Just last month, the Planned Parenthood-endorsed ‘reverend’ Raphael Warnock, won the US Senate runoff in Georgia due in large part to the ‘Abortion Goliath’s’ endorsement and campaign contributions.  Now-Senator Warnock brags, “as a pro-choice pastor, I believe in a woman’s right to choose.”  Planned Parenthood has been trying to push abortion into the sphere of Christianity politically, religiously, and socially and many churches are letting it happen.  I guess that Planned Parenthood has not heard that politics doesn’t belong in the church and that some church leadership has not yet learned that Planned Parenthood is a political organization.
     In some of these instances, “Christian” colleges proudly BOAST about their relationship with Planned Parenthood.  In other situations some Christian colleges are “led” by spineless leaders who are too afraid to stand up to the culture of Death.  Take for example three colleges:

>   Paine College, a United Methodist College in Georgia, lists Planned Parenthood as a resource twice on their website.  When asked to remove Planned Parenthood from the list of resources, they responded by defending the ‘Abortion Goliath’ claiming listing Planned Parenthood as a resource, “shows our ability to ensure that our students have resources that allow them to make an educated decision with regards to their health.”  (Playing the ‘health card.’)

>   Southwestern University, a United Methodist university in Texas lists Planned Parenthood as an internship location for the Sociology and Anthropology Department.  When they were inquired about this relationship they ignored the inquiry and continued to give school credit for Planned Parenthood internships.

>   Seattle Pacific University, a Free Methodist university in Washington state, lists Planned Parenthood as a learning mentor on their website.

     And it goes on.  These institutes of higher learning are avidly pushing pro-abortion propaganda, all while claiming to hold Christian beliefs. Planned Parenthood is, by far, America’s leading killer of preborn babies. Last year alone they committed 345,672 abortions.  That’s nearly 950 little boys and girls whose lives are snuffed out by abortion every day!  When are we going to stop Planned Parenthood from infiltrating Christian campuses and their growing influence with young Christians?

     But it’s not all bad news.  In the past year 18 Christian colleges and universities have ended relationships with Planned Parenthood.  These include:

>   Edgewood College, A Catholic college in Wisconsin where Planned Parenthood was removed from their website after a group of students pointed it out.

>   Clarks Summit University, a Baptist university in Pennsylvania, where Planned Parenthood had been listed as a resource on their “At A Glance,” TITLE IX Resources page.  Upon notification it was removed as a link from their website.

>   Westmont College, a First Fundamental college in California, where Planned Parenthood had been listed as a volunteer service opportunity.  When so notified they removed the link from their website.

>   Lubbock Christian University, a university affiliated with the Churches of Christ in Texas, had listed Planned Parenthood on their “Get Help Now” resources page.  When this was pointed out to university leadership they replaced it with a life-affirming resource.

     It’s going to take a unified movement to take the message to these Christian college administrators and faculty that the ‘butchers’ at Planned Parenthood are no longer welcomed to spread their propaganda on campuses.  Church members are going to have to get out into the communities and find out what is going on.  No longer can they find comfort and safety behind the walls of their church.

     To end this series on Hypocrisy of Politics in the Church I have some recently received information.  Keep in mind that I started the whole series on Politics and the Church after being told by a pastor that politics didn’t belong in the church.  I guess that some politicians didn’t get the word.  I will close this series by addressing the Equality Act’s assault on religious liberty.  The bill’s sponsors, recognizing that it is an infringement on the free exercise of religion, explicitly deny application of the most important statutory security of the free exercise of religion, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (“RFRA”).  The bill specifically provides that RFRA “shall not provide a claim concerning, or a defense to a claim under” HR5.

     This means two things:  First, if an individual or institution wants to sue a government entity to prevent it from enforcing the bill, it may not use RFRA as the authority for its lawsuit.  To bring a legal action against any person, one must have statutory or common law authority under which one prosecutes a claim.  As it stands, RFRA provides just such authority.  It has been widely and successfully used across the country to protect churches, schools, and other institutions from otherwise generally applicable laws that would force them to violate their religious practice or conscience.  Under HR5, this powerful shield against government intrusion on religious liberty would be removed.  Second, if a church, school, or any other place of “public accommodation” is itself sued by an individual or the federal government for violating HR5, it may not use RFRA as a defense against the lawsuit.  The very purpose of RFRA is to protect the free exercise of religion from generally applicable laws that unduly burden religious freedom.  Without invalidating the law, RFRA is used to fight for exemptions from it.  The Equality Act will remove that defense, leaving churches, mosques, synagogues, and virtually any other institution without defense against its imposition of secular ideology.

     The Equality Act is the uncompromising legislative imposition of a destructive social ideology.  And it is an assault on the free exercise of religion.  That is its purpose, and if it becomes law, that will be its effect.  How many pastors do you think have the fortitude to instruct their congregations from the pulpit on this attack on religion?  Religion may not belong in the church but it is there nonetheless.

     Next week we will get into the subject of the threat of liberalism/communism/and progressivism and the potential grave damage they can have on the church as we know it.  God has blessed Christians with a variety of talents and it’s time we put those talents to work.

-Bob Munsey

“No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce.”   Thomas Sowell

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