Politics and the Church – The Church v. the Angel of Light [Part 37]

Over the past several weeks I have addressed subjects of various political natures.  Most, if not all, are used by the angel of light to guide ‘Christians’ away from the Word of God and into a world of man approved principles that Satan believes will eventually put God ‘out of the game’ and help evil reign supreme on earth.  This is done by twisting the Word so that it no longer has the connotations it had when first written.  Today it has convinced many well-meaning Christians that politics no longer has a place in the church.  Remember that ‘politics’ is the ‘system’ by which humans relate to each other.  If that system is inundated with evil and the will of Satan, then God is no longer relevant to humanity and Satan is the winner.  By no means do I believe that this is going to happen.  Why? The Bible is full of political advice for God’s people.  All they have to do is understand it.  I have tried to include that ‘advice’ from the Bible in my writing.  Jesus did not shy away from politics so why should we, unless we are too lazy or unconcerned to be bothered?  Satan uses politics to his advantage especially when Christians choose to be non-participants.

This week we will look at a political subject that we have heard much about in the media…’sanctuary cities’.  On the surface the principles establishing these cities sounds compassionate and makes it easy for the angel of light to shine shame on those who oppose them.  His argument…sanctuary cities in America are needed to protect ‘undocumented people’ against federal immigration laws.  By liberal standards ‘no one is illegal’ and people need a safe harbor against persecution.  What’s the real goal?  Create chaos in society?  Not to say that all people crossing the border illegally…that means in violation of the law…are bad people, but Satan’s aim is to introduce and protect criminal elements into the populous so that they may be allowed to inflict damage on society in general and on innocent citizens.  Sanctuary cities represent a twist to God’s Word.  They were mentioned in the Bible but under a different context.  The Bible says, “then you shall appoint cities to be cities of refuge for you, that the man-slayer who kills any person accidentally may flee there.  They shall be cities of refuge  for you from the avenger, that the man-slayer may not die until he stands before the congregation in judgment.”  [Numbers 35:11-12].  Such cities were meant to protect citizens from possible injustice.

This is a separate issue from secure borders or a border wall.  Even if there is a border wall there will be breaches and there will be sanctuary cities created and endorsed by the liberal platform.  There is no official definition of a sanctuary city.  It refers to a city or county that protects those who enter our country contrary to established immigration laws.  This applies to those who enter with ‘honest intentions’ and those who do so with criminal intent.  It is done by not cooperating with federal immigration authorities.  Sanctuary cities defy federal laws to which state and local governments are legally bound.  The liberal platform is a rebellion against authority and an endorsement of chaos.  There is a protocol in every organization and this includes everything from private business, public schools, private schools, states, counties, cities, and even homeowner associations.  A secretary cannot have authority over a company CEO; a student cannot have authority over a teacher; a school teacher cannot have authority over a governor; state law cannot be above federal law.  Such a state law would be illegal.  For example, if a state decides to enact a law that supports discrimination, it violates federal law and is illegal.  We cannot have the federal government submitting to the state.  Satan rebelled against God.  That is exactly what the liberal platform is doing.  The US Federal Supreme Court is the ultimate authority on whether a state law is legal.  Its decisions are based on whether a law or an action violates the US Constitution.  The US Supreme Court has the ultimate authority for this determination.  States not complying with federal law regarding immigration are violating federal law.  These states are basically saying that they can do as they please.  Those who support such a platform are subverting the law, justice, and committing intentional chaos. If as a private citizen we harbored a criminal in our home, we would be guilty of a crime and go to jail.

So we need to go and see what the Bible has to say about the situation.  This is where the church can play a part.  The liberal platform once again twists the Word of God to defend their schemes that rebel against authority, defend criminals, and create chaos in society…the angel of light loves chaos.  The justification cites the correct scripture, but does so completely out of context.  The Bible says, “then you shall appoint cities to be cities of refuge for you, that the man-slayer who kills any person accidentally may flee there.  They shall be cities of refuge for you from the avenger, that the man-slayer may not die until he stands before the congregation in judgment.  And of the cities which you give, you shall have six cities of refuge.  You shall appoint three cities on this side of the Jordan, and three cities you shall appoint in the land of Canaan, which will be cities of refuge.  These six cities shall be for refuge for the children of Israel, for the stranger, and for the sojourner among them, that anyone who kills a person accidentally may flee there.”  [Numbers 35:11-15].

The Bible is against murder.  Murder is defined as the killing of an innocent person.  However, if an altercation occurs between two people and one dies, it is not always clear as to whether it was murder or not…self- defense or an accident.  Cities were designated as sanctuaries for individuals to flee to that were involved in such altercations, where the circumstances of death were not clear.  It was done to protect against vigilante justice…so the accused could get a fair trial.

If you continue to read scripture in Numbers 35, it states that there are no sanctuary cities or safe harbors for murderers.  Those who intentionally committed murder were put to death.  The sanctuary cities were created for circumstances that were unclear.  The accused was not automatically guilty or set free.  The accused was held accountable.  It was done to seek justice.   In the liberal sanctuary cities there are no trials so there is no justice.  Criminals are not held accountable for their crimes.  These cities protect criminals from being prosecuted and put on trial for the crimes…violations of law…they have committed.  Thus, evil…anarchy…is protected and the innocent is put at risk.

By now it should be obvious that liberal policies…whether abortion, gun control, or secure borders, etc…is to protect and enable the criminal element, the guilty, and law breakers.  It is a complete twisting of the Word of God.

Next week we will take a quick look at a controversy that has come up in this nation and is obviously misunderstood by many citizens.  The subject ‘freedom of speech’.  When our nation was founded, the intent for freedom of speech certainly wasn’t what it has morphed into.  The angel of light has used it to project his own policies and to discredit those who use it to speak against him.

– Bob Munsey

“Success is not judged by how we start but by what we finish”  Marvin Williams

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