Politics and the Church – The Church v. the Angel of Light [Part 5]

The liberal platform is so deceitful that they do not even believe their own lies on abortion, because their platform on protecting unborn animals like sea turtles is entirely contrary.  Just take a look at Florida’s laws that protects any marine turtle or its nest or eggs at any time.  We would not want to infringe upon the rights of unborn sea turtles.  These same liberal lawmakers say a baby with a beating heart has no rights.  In the ‘rights war’ the sea turtles win.  These same liberals are more upset when a tree is chopped down than when a child is aborted.

In 2018, Iowa’s conservative controlled legislature voted to outlaw abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected…life.  The bill was signed by the governor.  However, Planned Parenthood and the Iowa branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, both liberal leaning organizations, sued to stop the law from coming into effect.  Thank goodness the turtles are still protected.  The liberals are also confused as to when life begins and ends.  By liberal standards and the generally accepted standards, when a heartbeat is no longer detected a person is declared dead.  The confusion comes in as to when life begins.  To the liberals it has nothing to do with a beating heart, but the intention of the mother.  This inconsistency shows that man’s standards are flawed.  The truth is always found in the Bible and God’s standards are perfect.  The Bible says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” [Jeremiah 1:5].  The Bible says that God knows you before you were even formed in the womb.  It also says that before you were born He sanctified you, which means He set us apart for His use.  We are a person while in the womb.  Recently the wisdom of pop singer Madonna told us that God would approve of abortion.  I don’t know about you, but I choose to listen to the Word of God.  Studies in the last decades show that a baby can even learn while in the womb…even hear and feel in the womb.  Although this was just recently discovered, the Bible described this two thousand years ago in Luke 1:41-44.  The baby in the womb of its mother Elizabeth “leaped” when it heard of the arrival of Mary, mother of Jesus.

If an abortion of an unborn baby in the womb is not wicked enough, the liberal platform supports one of the evilest practices ever devised by man…partial birth abortion.  It is a testament of how lawless, evil and anti-God the liberal platform has become.  It illustrates how far they will go to murder an unborn baby.  This procedure involves the taking of the life…murder…of a baby as it is born.  A previous president before becoming president supported a bill mandating if an abortion procedure failed and the baby was born and not aborted, the baby should be left to die on the operating table, because the original intent of the mother was abortion.  Cruel and evil does not go far enough to describe this.

The liberal agenda in order to deceive and mask its evil, says it supports partial birth abortion only when the mother’s health is in danger.  They do not want anything to happen to the mother. Sounds good enough.  It is not good!  Most people believe it and do not know they are being deceived.  Satan appears as an angel of light.  Let’s compare the two platforms of our political parties.  Liberals believe in taking the life of the unborn if the mother’s health is in danger.  Conservatives believe in taking the life of the unborn when a mother’s life is in danger.  However, “a mother’s health in danger” can mean almost anything or cover a variety of circumstances.  Stress can put health in danger.  A common cold puts health in danger.  Such a policy concerning health is vague and not precise.  When it comes to taking a life, there should be no vagueness, only preciseness.  No where, even in our society, are you allowed to take the life of another when only your health is in danger.  Can you imagine killing someone if they smoked a cigarette around you?  Taking a life when your health is in danger is called murder.

The sixth commandment says that “you shall not murder.”  Murder is defined as killing an innocent person.  What is abortion?  It is the killing of an innocent, defenseless baby.  The law of self-defense says that you are only allowed to take a life when your life, not your health, becomes endangered.  It originates from the Bible in the Old Testament.  Otherwise, the result would be chaos, destruction, and death everywhere in society.

Next week we will look at what the Bible says about abortion.  This is a serious subject and certainly it should be addressed frequently from the pulpit as it contributes to the death of 1,000,000 innocent babies every year.  Abortion is a ‘bill of goods’ sold the the public by the angel of light as a constitutional right.  Unfortunately many ‘Christians’ have bought it.  At this point it seems that the ‘angel of light’ might be winning the battle.

– Bob Munsey

“Support of the Patriot Act is equivalent to throwing away the Bill of Rights”

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