Politics and the Church – The Politics of God [Part 6]

From what we have seen thus far one might wonder how the politics of man could so evolve as to prefer death over love, acceptance, and sacrifice.  What can be in the makeup of people who approach subjects like homicide, suicide, infanticide, abortion, and euthanasia with such disregard for the life God so preciously gave us?  I have been able to find three possibilities.

First, the godless believe that since there is no God, there can be no such thing as objective and eternal values.  Everything is transient.  There can be ‘practical’ preferences, but nothing truly universal or transcendent.  Therefore, the only sensible goals for human beings to strive after are worldly pleasures, conveniences, and the elimination of all suffering.  If someone or something happens to stand in the way of the attainment of those objectives, it is perfectly acceptable, even praiseworthy, to do whatever is necessary to eliminate that threat.

Second, since there is no God for the ‘godless’, no objective and eternal moral law can exist.  Without objective moral law, human beings are free to become ‘Supermen’.  Unfettered by silly commandments and the guilt that comes from breaking them, humans are at liberty to make their own laws…whatever laws happen to suit them at the time.  They can define what constitutes a valuable life, or even life itself.  They can define people, killing, and mercy according to their own standards as they go.  Their most important value in the world is power.  Life is always subordinate to choice and the choice made by the strong to dominate the weak…who usually stand in the way of pleasure and convenience…is always the correct course of action.

Third, the ‘godless’ believe that since there is no God, it is nonsense to believe that human beings are made ‘in the image and likeness of God’.  In fact, humans are not special at all; rather, they are expendable animals…just monkeys with bigger brains.  They possess neither God-given, immortal souls, nor any kind of inherent or infinite dignity. They simply represent one biological animal among many biological animals.  Therefore, protecting their existence is not particularly important.  Humans can be oppressed by cruel governments, murdered, aborted, and euthanized at any age and for any reason…as long as it serves the greater practical good, which is of course, is determined by who ever happens to be in power at the time.  The ‘godless’ while trying to present a good image to the public, unlike the ‘godless’ who came before them, the new breed of ‘godless’ constantly resort to lies.

The ‘godless’ understand these three strains of thought and know they can be frightening, even deadly.  Instead of boldly proclaiming them, they choose to ignore or deny them, or even worse, hide behind the falsehood that they are by claiming to be ‘compassionate’ to those who are suffering.  Such illogical thinking would permit the Supreme Court of the United States to take it upon itself to ‘redefine’ what a human person is and legalize abortion…a practice that has been considered barbaric by peoples and nations for thousands of years.  In the logic of the ‘ungodly’, they can choose to do anything they like, including ‘decide’ what human life is and destroy the weakest and most vulnerable among us. It makes sense then that institutions like Planned Parenthood would become involved in scandals involving the harvesting and selling of fetal organs and other aborted baby parts.  That is the logical implication of ‘ungodly’ thinking, which says that because human beings have no transcendent dignity, they can utilize or discard human bodies in any way that might be profitable.

In the 21st century, our society does everything possible to encourage strength, fitness, diet, and longevity…while at the same time promoting euthanasia and abortion for any or no medical reason at all.  To the ‘godless’ the healthy and long life is the sole definition of a worthwhile life.  In the end, pleasure is the only thing that counts, and when faced with a person whose life does not conform to that definition…for example, a baby with Down’s syndrome, an old man with dementia, a young woman with depression, an unwanted pregnancy…the ‘godless’ society is lightening quick to abort, euthanize, or assist in suicide.  To the ‘godless’ that is the logical outcome.  The only thing of worth is the physical and empirical ‘quality of life’. Any talk about the deeper spiritual meaning of suffering, endurance, sacrifice, and joy is just religious nonsense.

Once we understand the ‘godless philosophy’ of life, it becomes clear as to why they have such a love affair with death.  It also lets us get a glimpse of their agenda for the future.  When it comes to using death as a cure-all for human problems, things really get scary. “God’s politics” become completely irrelevant. When the church lets this happen with no ‘fight’, ‘man’s politics’ take over in total and society sinks further into a new ‘dark ages’. Next week we will take a look at the direction these new ‘dark ages’ are taking a nation that once had strong foundations on Judeo/Christian principles.  We would not be the first once strong nation to have fallen into this trap.  The church has the opportunity to save this nation, but is it willing to do so?

– Bob Munsey

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