Politics and the Church – Where’s the Church? [Part 1]

If you live in today’s United States you might find that as a Christian you are looked upon with suspicion.  Many atheist and ‘God-haters’ hold Christians in contempt…you know, folks who go to church, drive pickup trucks, shoot guns, pledge allegiance to the flag, and who take a knee to pray, not to protest.  This new series will focus on the challenges these God-fearing folks face and the kind of human support they can expect to receive…or not receive…as they take a stand for the Godly principles of the Bible.  Setting a good Christian example is imperative.

In recent years we were ‘promised’ that the nation would be fundamentally transformed and for nearly a decade our government made an effort to do so…one of the few promises it kept.  In the process they turned the most exceptional nation on earth into a vast wasteland of perpetually offended victims and from the greatest generation into the entitlement generation.  We waste time debating which lives matter and which lives do not.  Franklin Graham called it ‘right on’ when he said we are close to the moral tipping point. [“Franklin Graham:America is at a Tipping Point”, Billy Graham Evangelic Assn., April 7, 2016].  There is a deep-seated antagonism and hostility toward Christianity in every seat of power in this nation.  What used to be wrong by any historical standard, including the Bible, is now trumpeted as right and laudable.  If you remember, several months back I stated that in today’s world we take evil, give it a nice humanly sounding name, and it becomes a value worth incorporating into our society.  What used to be right is now defined as beyond impolite…actually evil.  Of course, the Bible tells us that this will happen.  The Supreme Court took over the throne to redefine what God already defined for time and eternity, replacing the testimony of the Almighty and of human history with the opinion of five frail individuals. [“Read the Opinion: Supreme Court Rules States Cannot Ban Same-Sex Marriage”, Cable News Network, June 26, 2015].  In several decades the United States has become a killing field.  Unborn babies are slaughtered and we find ourselves worried if some of their ‘parts’ may be auctioned off to the highest bidder. [Dan Evon,”Baby Parts for Sale”, Snopes.com, January 15, 2016].  In the meantime Christian American are hauled into court and thrown into jail, bullied, and slandered by those who ‘preach’ tolerance and diversity.  We have seen open season on gun-toting Bible-clingers in America.  Solomon wisely advised not to impose a fine on a righteous man or strike the noble for their uprightness. [Prov. 17:26].  “King Solomon” has been missing from our nation for quite some time now.  Where was ‘Solomon’ when the football team at the US Military Academy (West Point) was investigated because the players and coaches were caught committing the ‘criminal act’ of petitioning the Almighty…praying.  If George Washington had been a general in the most recent past regime he would’ve been court-martialed  and hauled off to jail.  Our public schools have been turned into radical indoctrination centers for the ‘social justice’ crowd, leading the charge in a massive assault on the family.  Sexual revolutionaries have been given carte blanche to sow seeds of confusion in our children, poisoning their minds with their desire for a genderless society. [Todd Starnes,”Parents Furious Over School’s Plan to Teach Gender Spectrum, Fluidity”, FoxNews.com, May 15, 2015; Todd Starnes,”Graphic Middle School Sex Class Outrages Parents”, FoxNews.com, December 17, 2016].

You would think at some point in this story the church would stand up and shout, “Enough!”  The church led the way in other times of great crisis…the American Revolution and the Civil War, just to mention a couple.  But a sort of spiritual malaise has blanketed many churches today.  Pastors refuse to discuss cultural issues from the pulpit, fearing reprisal from liberals in the congregation.  I guess that there is no fear of conservatives.  One well-known evangelical leader even cautioned Christians about bringing God into their workplace. [Kirsten Powers,”Kansas Legislators Tried to Make Discrimination Easy”, USA Today, February 19,2014].  That sounds like an effort to start a retreat.  In gathering interviews for his writing, Todd Starnes has been told many times by ministers that they refuse to discuss controversial issues inside the church because it might offend people…sure wouldn’t want sin brought into the light.  It’s not for certain where they find that commandment in the Bible…”Thou shalt not offend thy congregation”.  I suppose that Jesus had not heard of that commandment.  How many unrepentant sinners take the time to come to church occasionally but still might be spending eternity apart from God simply because the body of Christ wanted to be ‘nice’?

Where is your church in dealing with this problem?  It is up to you to answer the question for yourself.  Next week we will touch on the ‘deafening silence’ of the church.

– Bob Munsey

Comment: It is my opinion that the problems we are experiencing today with our youth…murders and threats…are the result of years of various action approvals by the secular world and the silence of the church.  Many of the positive encouragements and beneficial examples we once had have been removed and replaced with material and immoral objective goals and so-called entertainment.  In some cases the church supported these failures in society…abortion, same sex marriage, cohabitation, removal of prayer and the ten commandments from public venues, etc. or just stood by in silence and watched it happen.  While some Christians had the courage to take a stand, the secular world came down on them and for the most part the church left them to struggle on their own.  Thank God for Christian based legal organizations. 

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