Politics and the Church – A Start

With less than a year to go until the next national election I have been inspired to write a series on the part the Church…religion… has played in establishing foundations that led to a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution that has served this nation for nearly 250 years.  These documents were drafted and signed by men with a Christian base in their lives.  Today Christians still have an obligation to ensure our leaders are biblical in their orientation and support those principals in their decision making.  The Church has the responsibility of providing biblical guidance to the congregants so that Christians do not vote blindly.  Voting should never be by party but by the principals expressed and exercised by the candidates.  The value of our government is established by the voters.

King Solomon observed that nothing is new under the sun.  How can that be applied to the United States?

  • The early settlers and Founding Fathers sought God and largely followed His ways.
  • God blessed America.
  • We reveled in His blessings.
  • Then we took His blessings for granted.
  • Eventually we took credit for His blessings.
  • We then turned our back on His principals in favor of what seemed right in our own eyes.
  • God allowed the consequences of our choices to affect our lives.
  • Now we are in desperate need to return to His grace and guidance.

In many ways the United States has followed in the path of Israel all too closely.

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– Bob Munsey

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