Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 63]

In our society we have a wealth of sources from which to develop our attitudes, our beliefs. and our ‘pleasures’.  These sources come at us from all directions…books, TV, radio, news media, the ‘big screen’, and nowadays even the ‘little screen’.  Another source(s) is those we associate with and those who impact our religious beliefs…the church.  One major source of attitude adjustment are the businesses that surround us with a huge variety of products and multiple methods to make those products appealing to the potential customer.  Businesses play a major role in the attitudes and culture in which we live.  There are efforts that businesses can make to be positive contributors to society.  Here are some thoughts and ideas that these business leaders might consider:

>   Remember that Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison, Adams, and the rest of the Founding Fathers were not ‘colonial aristocrats’ as some textbooks proclaim but were successful businessmen. Because they were willing to sit down and think through the problems of their day, we inherited a free nation.

>   Take time from the pressures of business to stay informed.

>   Become a member of an organization which will send you frequent intelligence reports on current problems.  Be sure to know that the organization can be relied on for truth and honest facts.

>   Take an active part in the political party of your choice.  Be on watch for a strong Socialist influence.  Be willing to throw your financial strength and your time behind the fight for freedom. (It cost Washington $65,000 to leave his business and serve in the Revolutionary Army.  In today’s money that would represent nearly half a million dollars.)

>   If you belong to a service club, get it in the fight for freedom.  Invite speakers to keep the business community alert.

>   Encourage essay and speech contests in local schools to promote American ideas and resistance to deceptive Communist propaganda.

>   Here’s one to consider…openly resist the sale of goods to the Soviet influenced nations and call for a total embargo against Russia/China and their Communist influenced satellites.

>   Work for a more equitable tax structure which is not arbitrary and confiscatory in nature.  Economic freedom is part of political freedom.

>   If employees are in a union, seek cooperation with the union.  Encourage cooperation of union officials in conducting a study course on Communism for employees.

>   Work with the local Chamber of Commerce in establishing regular Freedom Forums which will help keep the entire community alert.

>   Be careful not to contribute to an organization until it is known to be a bona fide patriotic group. (Unknowingly, some businessmen have been financing cited Communist-front organizations.  The American Security Council can aid in this research.)

>   Constantly keep in mind that American business is a major target for Communist propaganda.  Don’t feed ammunition to the enemy.

>   Be willing to furnish views and suggestions to your State and Federal legislators.  A letter to a congressman has more impact than many people realize.

     While we would all like to believe that businessmen are in business to conduct honest actions in all that they do, we must accept that that is not always the case.  Although human beings are made in the image of God, that image is warped and corrupted by sin, and no system of philosophy or psychology or politics or education can ever hope to eliminate the essential deceitfulness and wickedness that we are heir to as fallen human beings.  If our hearts are so deceitful, so desperately wicked, beyond our capacity to understand, how can we function in this world?  How can we live our lives?  How can we solve our problems?  How can we even recognize our problems and realize they need solving?  Our hearts, our emotions, our hidden and subconscious motives constantly deceive us and drive us to do things we don’t even want to do.  How can we penetrate the deception of our deceitful hearts?  We can’t, but God can!  Until we face the truth, stated in God’s Word, that we are all sinners in need of a Savior, we cannot accept the good news of the Bible.  If we sow the kind of seed that only pleases our sinful, deceptive flesh, what kind of harvest can we expect?  Destruction!

     Just as in business, true prosperity comes to a society when joyful people live together in love, each using his or her skills to create financial security for the benefit of his or her family, neighbors, customers, and community.  What is the root of all our troubles with the flesh?  It is the ‘almighty self’.  It is our self-seeking, self-important, self-centered obsession with ourselves.  As a businessman there is an obligation to be honest with the customer and as a customer, there is an obligation to be honest with the businessman. In that process we benefit each other and live in accordance with God’s will.

     Next week we will look at the part our legislators play…or at least can or should play…in the battle against the liberal/progressive/communist threat.  In some ways you might wonder on whose side some of these legislators are on?  Have some gotten so ‘wise’ that our nation’s founding principles are no longer needed?  It will be up to you to decide.

-Bob Munsey

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.”   (James 1:2).

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