Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 61]

Last week we reviewed what churches and parents can and should do to influence the growth and development of our youth.  This is certainly not a subject that the liberal/progressive/communist wing of society has ignored.  It is well known that attitude development begins at a young age and the battle for the minds of our youth can be lost if the battle is ignored.  Today’s education requirements make success in our society dependent on those who impact young minds with a whole host of subjects.  That makes professors and teachers a critical part of our nation’s future.  It also ‘opens the door’ for indoctrinations that could be detrimental to our society.  Therefore, as parents and the church…responsible for the moral and educational establishment in society…we must know what our youth are being taught as they are prepared to take up leadership as citizens of our future nation.  So, what must we as caring citizens look for in the quality of youth education and what should we expect of those we have given the responsibility of the education process?  Here are suggestions for educators:

>   The most important single force in winning against Communism is in the field of education.  Once the formal education process starts, our children probably spend more time with their teachers/professors than they do with parents or with church leadership.  Therefore, educators are in the front-line trenches.

>   Take time to get a good background on Communistic thought so you can detect it quickly wherever it appears.

>   Define for students the difference between the factors which made Americans the first free people in modern times and the principles which have destroyed freedom wherever the Socialists and Communists have taken over.

>   Help students understand that free enterprise has produced and distributed more material wealth than any other system man has yet discovered.  Point out that it also permits most of our citizens to make a living doing things they enjoy.  Help students learn to appreciate that the remaining weaknesses in the free enterprise system are important, but they are minute compared to the monumental problems of the bare-subsistence economies under Socialism and Communism.

>   Beware of those who come pretending to help education when they are trying to seize control of education.  Socialist and Communist planners have ambitions to eliminate all local control…which means teachers and parents (who have already been declared domestic terrorist for questioning the education their children are being subjected to) would lose control.

>   Be alert to the fact that education was infiltrated by the Socialist-Communist contingent over 35 years ago.  Many were top-echelon personalities who worked their way into leading educational organizations.

>   If any educational organization to which a teacher belongs is Socialist-oriented, try to recapture it.  Gather a group of alerted teachers and move forward as an organized group.  Do not try to do it alone.

>   Encourage the teaching of “Communist Problems” in the school.  Teach American students how to appreciate their own way of life.  This may be difficult considering the family situations some students are having to endure.

>   Watch for slanted passages in textbooks.  Socialist authors have invaded the textbook field.

>   Don’t be misled by the current atheistic drive to take God out of the classroom.  “Separation of church and state” was to keep creeds out of the curriculum, but not God.  It would be as unconstitutional to teach irreligion in the classroom as it would be to emphasize some particular religion. Parents are within their rights when they insist that the classroom is not to be used by those few teachers who seek to destroy faith.  Teachers who believe that teaching atheism is a necessary part of a good education are not really qualified to teach in a Judaic-Christian culture.  They are entitled to be atheists but, as public employees, they are not entitled to teach it.  If they do, they are violating an important constitutional principle.

>   Encourage patriotic speakers at school assemblies.

     Throughout history God has provided nations with educators to bring the people into line with the Word of God.  These educators were called prophets.  An example of such an ‘educator’ is Jeremiah.  Here was a man who was faithful and obedient to every command of the Lord, yet God allowed suffering in his life.  But God also has a rescuer in place to save Jeremiah’s; and to save us when we take a stand for Godly righteousness. God holds a nation accountable…and the people placed in a position of authority…when it/they reject the Word of God and continue in disobedience.  The people will pay the price for the actions of their corrupt leaders. Any nation that has established systems that deliberately reject the requirements of God’s justice has forfeited its right to exist.  What sort of systems does this include?

>   A nation can ignore God and refuse to listen to Him.

>   A nation can persecute the prophets of God and hinder the message of God.  (These prophets can include the church leadership and our educators.)

>   A nation can seek to circumvent judgement through legal maneuvering, political manipulation, and silencing witnesses.  (We see this frequently through the laws man passes that thwarts the laws of God, i.e., same sex marriage, abortion, removal of the word ‘God’ from founding principles and documents, etc.)

>   A nation can put on an outward show of morality and piousness, while inwardly rejecting God and refusing to submit to His will.

     There is only one attitude that will avert the judgment of God…repentance.  Until this nation is willing to take a solid stand against the liberal/progressive/communist threat, our society will constantly be led by elements dedicated to the leadership of Satan and our leadership will constantly be compromised by mixed affiliations.

     As I close this week, I am reminded of the warning that God gave Solomon:

“But if you turn away and forsake the decrees and commands I have given you and go off to serve other gods and worship them, I will reject this temple I have consecrated for my Name.  I will make it a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples.  This temple will become a heap of rubble.  All who pass by it will be appalled and say, ‘Why has the Lord done such a thing to this land and to this temple?’  People will answer ,’Because they have forsaken the Lord, the God of their ancestors, who brought them out of Egypt, and have embraced other gods, worshipping and serving them…that is why He brought all this disaster on them.'”  (2 Chronicles 7:19-22)

     I love this United States but I cannot help but wonder if a similar judgment might be in its future if we continue on the path we are currently on.  This week the focus was on the responsibilities of our educators who play a major role in developing the future citizens of this nation.  Next week we will look at the responsibilities, obligations, and options the students…our youth…have.  The nation can and will fail if we are not all on the ‘same sheet of music’.  

-Bob Munsey

“We need to encourage one another and help one another to understand that no job is insignificant when done ‘as to the Lord.’  No task is meaningless when it involves reaching out in love to someone else.  God is not forgetful of our labors of love.”  (Hope in a Chaotic World, Ray C. Stedman)

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