Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 44]

     God has given American Christians a gracious privilege that few believers in world history have ever known.  But America is in trouble morally and spiritually and this is not the time to retreat.  Christians must stand up, speak up, and refuse to give up.  Christians cannot correct error with silence.  God always honors those who honor Him.  You never lose until you quit.

     The Scriptures are filled with accounts of God intervening on behalf of His people wherever He found yielded servants who were willing to engage the enemy…and engaging the enemy is not a sin.  When the Jewish people were targeted for extinction as a result of Haman’s “final solution” suggestion (Haman was not the only politician to come up with a ‘final solution’…see King Xerxes in Esther 3:8-10.) However, Queen Esther was willing to get involved with politics!  God always has a purpose in mind when He places someone in a position of leadership and authority.  He sent a messenger to Queen Esther informing her of the Jewish plight and requesting her to petition the king on their behalf.  Esther then decided to put her faith into action.  Esther courageously approached the king knowing it could cost her life.  But God gloriously intervened on behalf of His people and exposed the wickedness of Haman while saving and vindicating the Jews.  Clearly our judiciary is now taking the role of God in our culture, and few see the inherent danger.  I recently heard a pastor say that democracy is an enemy of the Word of God.  I had never thought of it that way until I considered that ‘majority rules’ when God’s principles are voted on.  Today many of God’s principles have been put away because of ‘democracy’.  Edmond Burke is credited with the famous quote, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

     For the past seven decades the American people have been inundated with the myth that our Constitution forbids the mixing of religion and politics.  A whole generation of Americans have grown up believing the Constitution demands separation of church and state.  Even some ‘lawyers’ have referred to the ‘fact’ that the First Amendment includes the phrase: “separation of church and state.” That is simply a lie introduced by Satan and fostered by many courts.  If some of the lawyers learned this in law school, they ought to try to get their money back for a faulty education received.  Because of this, the American dream has become for many, the American nightmare.  

     Satan gave the world the philosophical foundation of atheistic liberal/progressive/communist regimes that keeps one-third of the world’s population in darkness.  And Satan gave the world the religious philosophy for the false religion of Islam, which another third of the earth has embraced.  Both philosophies have one thing in common…both would prefer a world with neither Jews nor Christians.  Jesus said that Satan is a liar and the father of all lies.  When the US Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Constitution erected a ‘wall of separation’ between church and state, they perpetrated the lie.  Whether their actions were designed to subvert the truth, or they acted out of ignorance is of no count.  The fact is that our framers never erected such a wall.  They saw a necessary union between the church and state, without which there could be no morality in society.  Any wonder Satan would want to throw in a confusion factor?  Founding father John Adams wrote: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

     The historical record proves the framers viewed religion and denomination as interchangeable words.  The framers of the Constitution were guarding against the danger of the federal government attempting to sponsor a national denomination.  They were simply guarding against one denomination within the Christian faith dominating the others.  A principle of propaganda is that any lie, no matter how absurd, if repeated enough, becomes believable.  Today “separation of church and state” is believed to be a direct quote from the First Amendment.  It is not!  It is a rather obscure phrase from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson on 1 January 1802, in response to a letter from the Danbury Baptist Association, in Danbury, Connecticut.  They had expressed their concern for a rumor being circulated that a particular denomination was about to be recognized as the national denomination. Jefferson, in his response, calmed their fears by writing:

     “I contemplate with solemn reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between Church and state.”

     Jefferson was writing a personal letter to a group of concerned Baptists, assuring them America was not about to have a “Church of the United States”, patterned after the “Church of England”.  Those whose purpose had been to ‘protect’ our children from the God they deny exists, resorted to extracting nine words from a private correspondence to validate their views; views that are foreign to the Constitution’s original intent.  They were written by a man who was in France, serving as the US Minister to France, throughout the time of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 and the drafting of the Bill of Rights in 1789.  The haters of God had to look beyond all the participants of the Constitutional Convention and every member of Congress who authored the First Amendment to find someone who had written a letter from which they could support their position.  We must also remember that some who profess Christ do not possess Christ.

     Our founders built our government system on Biblical principles and ideals.  For example, the concept of three branches of government that would oversee one another through a system of checks and balances was birthed out of Isaiah 33:22: “For the Lord is our Judge (Judicial branch), the Lord is our lawgiver (Legislative branch), and the Lord is our King (Executive branch); He will save us.”  When George Washington and his colleagues wrote about religion, it never occurred to them that later generations would interpret that to include non-Christian religions.  They used religions and denominations interchangeably.  Their writings make it clear they were speaking of Christian religions.  While they demanded a nation that would be tolerant of other belief systems, they never in their wildest dreams conceived of a country where through laws and judicial rulings, atheism would be preferred over Christianity.

     In today’s America, God has been all but expunged from public life and the name of Jesus is not even tolerated in many quarters.  That’s what makes mixing church and state necessary and right.  The Church is not a building but a people.  We are the Church.

-Bob Munsey

“For Christians seeking to apply Biblical principles to these (political) issues, discernment, prayer, and wisdom…and room for disagreement…is needed.”  David Closson (Biblical Principles for Political Engagement)

Additional commentary:  As we start a new year…2022…I want to wish the readers of ‘Politics and the Church’ a Very Happy New Year!  I am into my fifth year of weekly commentaries that are being read around the world.  This week I am adding some new names to my e-mail addresses.  These are folks I have come to know over time, and I wish to share my commentary with them.  If any do not wish to continue my weekly e-mails, please let me know and I will remove that person from distribution.  I believe that if we are to have a government we can trust and exercise justice in all situations, then we need to have a force to monitor that government…a force with population influence.  I do not advocate for the church to be the government.  We have seen how that can go aerie. I do believe that the church can play an important part in being the conscience of the government.  Heaven knows our government needs a conscience. 

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