Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 41]

With the end of government appeasement of the Communists worldwide efforts to control society, no one could have been more relieved that John Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI and the number one law enforcement official in the United States.  Since 1919 he had struggled to illuminate the minds of government leaders as well as the public in general concerning the conspiratorial nature of Communism.  As an assistant to the Attorney General in 1919 he had prepared one of the first legal briefs reflecting the subversive aspects of the worldwide Communist movement.  During the twenty years of appeasement, when many Americans had been lulled into a sense of security by the ‘sweet talk of Communist United Front propaganda’, Hoover had struck out with two-fisted blows at the Red menace which was gnawing away at the vitals of American life: “The American Communist…must be placed in the same category as the Ku Klux Klan, the now defunct German-American Bund (Nazi attempt to influence American politics), and other totalitarian groups.  As common criminals seek the cover of darkness, Communists, behind the protection of false fronts, carry on their sinister and vicious program, intent on swindling and robbing Americans of their heritage of freedom.”  Hoover was a great disappointment to the Communists.  In response, Red leaders around the world tried to discredit his efforts with charges of corruption and violation of civil liberties.  The Communists tried to portray the FBI as an American Gestapo.  In most cases the public knew these charges to be false.  Then on July 20, 1948, all of the top leaders of the Communist Party of America were indicted, with the ‘Big Eleven’ all standing trial and being convicted.  This initial defeat of Communism in America did not mean an end to its efforts to destroy our freedom.  Even today socialist/liberal/progressive politicians of that ilk are still trying to tear down our society.  We can no longer depend on our government to be the only line of defense as many in government are part of the problem.

     This is why church leaders…preachers…in America, who adhere to the Bible as the Word of God, have a responsibility before God to reject the false teaching prevalent in American society that pastors should not be involved in making public policy nor be engaged in politics.  Some pastors have fallen for this teaching and nothing could be more pleasing to the Communist elements.  Many have fallen for the wrongheaded idea that the Constitution of the United States forbids such involvement.  These two prevailing myths threaten to undermine our freedoms and pave the way to an unprecedented era of tyranny in America.  Many in church leadership are unknowingly contributing to their own demise.

     If pastors refuse to address the great issues of our culture, Biblically, from their pulpits, we will live to see professional politicians pass laws that reward evil and punish those who stand for God’s truth.  It has already started.  We are living in such an era now.  Bills have been passed calling for the end of the ban on homosexuals serving in our military.  This policy will ultimately force every chaplain who adheres to Biblical morality to resign from the military or change their views to be in line with the views of certain politicians.  In 2009 the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act was signed on October 22.  This law provides the legal tools for aggressive secularist prosecutors to bring charges of hate against any preacher of the gospel who dares to declare what the Word of God says about homosexuality based on Romans 1:26 and following.  Legislation is now in the works before Congress that will force private businesses to accommodate transgenders and even cross-dressers or face fines and/or criminal charges for their failure to do so.  This includes, in its present form, non ministerial  positions in churches.  Liberalism at its lowest common denominator denies God’s law and rejects all absolutes, whether it’s theological liberalism, political liberalism, moral liberalism, or educational/ philosophical liberalism.

     For the first time in American history, we have been able to see the end product of liberalism as liberals have controlled both Houses of the Legislative Branch as well as the Executive Branch of the Government.  The vast majority of Americans, regardless of their political party affiliation, became fearful of what they saw as politicians ignored the will of the people and rammed through bill after bill, redefining what it means to be an American, from hate-crimes legislation to government run healthcare.  We have witnessed multi-million dollar bailouts, the nationalization of two car companies, and the appointment of more than 30 Czars, commanding huge staffs, salaries, and budgets with no accountability to Congress.  The exploding national debt is eroding the financial stability of the nation and the world.  Standard and Poors lowered America’s credit rating from ‘stable’ to ‘negative’.  No rational person believes that such deficits are sustainable and sooner or later everyone knows the whole system will collapse if enough people do not stand up and say, “Enough is enough!’

     How does this fit in to the church and politics scenario?  When a government needs money it does not care where it comes from.  Today the church is tax exempt and donations are deductible by those who donate.  What if that all comes to an end, an end that politics can bring about?  As much as some may want to ignore politics when it comes to ‘church’, you can be assured that politics will not ignore the church when it comes to money.

     Regardless of what the people desire, we are seeing implemented the most radically left agenda in our history.  Next week we will look at some of the results of that effort.  It is not making us the nation our founders intended and is instead making us the target of those intent in destroying one of the greatest nations, if not the greatest, to ever exist.  As Christians, are we willing to let that happen?

– Bob Munsey

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”   Psalm 127:1

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