Politics and the Church – The Church and the Liberal / Progressive / Communist Threat [Part 9]

In analyzing modern civilization Marx and Engels both concluded that capitalistic society was rapidly reaching that point where revolution was inevitable.  Capitalism had overthrown feudalism.  Then the industrial revolution came along and private business was supplanted by the factory.  Engels said manufacturing thereby became social production rather than private production.  It was therefore wrong for private individuals to continue owning the factory because the factory had become a social institution.  He argued that no private individual should get the profits from something which many people were required to produce.  The management and operation of a factory were only ‘clerical in nature’ and that in the future the working class should rise up and seize the factories or means of production and operate them as their own.  (We see some of this today in our government’s desire to punish businesses that are making a profit.)

     I continue to write and delve into the communist (socialist/progressive) mode of thought because it is important that freedom loving citizens understand the thought processes that drive the communist push for power.  To some it may sound reasonable and the uneducated can easily be drawn into the web of deceit.  Once entrapped, escape can be very painful.  Remember Satan’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.  Fortunately we have many examples today and we can see in the news almost daily the effort people will make to escape that web.  It is becoming almost impossible to distinguish between those who truly need help and those who are using the suffering of others to benefit.  Shall we continue to study the thought processes and ‘play book’ of the Communist leaders.

     Marx and Engels both were credited with saying that all wealth is created by the worker.  Capital creates nothing.  They said that capital was nothing more than “surplus value” that had been milked from the labor of men in the past and should be confiscated from the capitalists by the workers of the present.  (From my study of the Soviet Union both in its development stages and during World War II, if any form of government knows how to ‘milk the worker’ it’s the Communist.) They predicted that the monopoly of capital would continue until it was concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer men while the number of exploited workers would grow proportionately.  The government would be the instrument of power which the great banks and industrial owners would use to protect their ill-gotten wealth and to suppress the revolt of the exploited masses.  All levels of society were going to be forced into opposing camps of two antagonistic classes…the exploiting class of capitalists property owners and the bitterly exploited class of the property-less workers.  (We can see that already happening with the application of laws.  While we are supposed to be united in the application of laws it is becoming apparent that there are two sets of laws…those for the ‘commoners’ and those for the political elite.  I believe that was a good bit of the political ‘powder’ that set off the 6 January 2021 attack on the US capitol.  Citizens are tired of being taken advantage of by the ‘government of the people and government for the people’.  How long do some politicians think they can play the citizens as fools?)

     The founders of Communism further predicted the rapid invention of more and more efficient machines that were bound to throw more and more workers out of employment and leave their families to starve or perhaps survive on a bare subsistence level.  ( Keep in mind that these were predictions of the latter 1800’s.)  In due time there would be sufficient hatred, resentment and class antagonism (the Communists use class and race as a weapon) to motivate the workers in forming militant battalions to overthrow their oppressors by violence (we see rudiments of that today) so that the means of production and all private property could be seized by the workers and operated for their own advantage.

     Here the Communists and Socialists take different forks in the road.  The Socialists have maintained from the beginning that centralized control of all land and industry can be achieved by peaceful legislation. (Sound familiar?) Marx denounced such an agenda.  He held out for revolution.  He was quick to see some advantage in pushing forward any legislation which concentrated greater economic power in central government.  But he considered such minor victories as nothing more than a psychological softening up for the revolution that was to come.  In Marx’s mind the revolution must be completely ruthless to be successful.  He justified the use of violence to bring about the new society because he felt that if moral principles were followed the revolution would be abortive.  He attempted to soften the blow of his doctrine of violence by stating that he would be perfectly satisfied if the capitalistic state could be transformed into a Communist society by peaceful means; however, he pointed out that this would be possible only if the capitalists voluntarily surrendered their property and power to the representatives of the workers without a fight.  He concluded that since this was unlikely it must be assumed that revolutionary violence was unavoidable. Both Marx and Engels were convinced that the revolution must be international in scope.  (Does world government ring a bell?)  They were convinced of the ‘impossibility of the complete and final victory of socialism in a single country without the victory of revolution in other countries.’  [Program of the Communist International, pages 34-35].

     Next week I am going to deviate somewhat in my writing.  In previous weeks I had mentioned the 45 goals of Communism.  Communist leadership claims that most have been achieved.  I will let you make your own determination on that.  It is important that we know where the targets are, and you can bet that the Christian church is one of the main targets because an active Christian church is a detriment to goal achievement, and thus an enemy of Communism.  I hope that this will help you understand who Satan is using here on earth to ‘steal, kill, and destroy’.

-Bob Munsey

“Christians can help themselves; that is why God gives them the Holy Spirit.”  Ray Stedman “Hope in a Chaotic World”

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