Politics and the Church – The Politics of God [Part 24]

This week we will look at the further unified effort by ‘man’s politics’ to put ‘God’s politics’ and design for mankind aside.  The ‘politics of man’ agenda is to not overlook a single element in God’s plan for family and man and woman.  No subject is worthy of not being considered…and conveniently modified.  Here we go!

One idea, imported directly from feminist ‘intellectuals’…and I use the term loosely…is “breaking down gender stereotypes in toys”…yes, I said toys.  The White House pressured manufacturers, retailers, and media outlets to eliminate gender distinction in children’s toys.  The administration…I’ll let you guess which one…claimed this would allow kids “to explore, learn, and dream without limits.”  As we might expect some of our illustrious ‘educators’ took this idea very seriously.  In 2015, one kindergarten teacher in Washington State…you might know…banned her male students from playing with Legos. Fitting together plastic blocks has been found to help children develop important cognitive skills…we wouldn’t want that.  Boys have enough advantages, the ‘teacher’ explained.  So she intentionally prevented them from learning.  If it was up to me, she would be manning…I mean ‘personing’…an empty classroom.

Of course as we all know, girls thrive when boys fail.  This is the underlying assumption of modern feminism.  This is reflected in much of the education policy today, especially on college campuses.  What irony!  There are more than two million more women than men enrolled in American colleges.  On most campuses, men are a distinct minority.  For example, at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, women outnumber men by more than six to one.  With such numbers, almost every campus has a women’s studies department.  In many of them, the stated goal is to fight expressions of masculinity and disempower men.

At Ohio State, a course began in the spring of 2018 called “Be a man!  Masculinities, Race and Nation.”  The syllabus explained that masculinity is used to “justify certain kinds of violence by men.”  On the first day of class, students were required to consult a “male privilege checklist.”  At Duke, a nine-week workshop met to devise ways to undermine “masculinity and maleness, as well as to create destabilized spaces for those with privilege”, meaning men.  This is just a sampling from around the country, and parents and student loans are paying for this!

Under a previous recent administration, the Department of Justice  created something called Healthy Masculinity Campus Athletics Project.  The coordinator of the program at Wheaton College summed up the objective this way: “As a country, we need to do a better job of addressing issues around toxic masculinity.”  What happens when boys are told they are toxic individuals?

Recently I attended my 50 years reunion at the US Naval Academy.  When I was a midshipman there it was all male and we were trained to be war fighters…aggressive.  When I went to the football game the weekend of the reunion I was appalled to see ‘midship-persons’ is short dresses doing fancy dances. I thought…are these the fighters of the future?  Will they dance their way across the battlefield scaring the enemy to death?  I remember the cheers we used to do.  I doubt that they are ‘politically correct’ nowadays.  We wouldn’t want to offend anyone…especially the female ‘midship-persons’.  Is removing ‘toxic masculinity’ really what this nation wants?  Wouldn’t training boys to be responsible men and girls to be responsible women be a better goal.  Families need both to function as God designed.

It is widely understood that attacking people for their basic nature is unhealthy and wrong.  A government-funded program designed to fight “toxic femininity” or “toxic homosexuality” probably would escape the scrutiny of Congress or the media.  Supporters of such actions would surely have to explain why the country needs such a program.  Yet nobody has been required to explain why boys, who are already failing, need to be held back further.  It is already being discussed to require women to signup for the draft.  In some cases women are being put into combat units.  Do we want our mothers and sisters to be subjected to the cruelty and barbarity of the battlefield?  If captured, it will not be pretty.

A small group of unhappy people in charge of America’s gender policies don’t want to talk about it and most politicians and churches leave the subject alone.  Thus nobody does and so our society further degrades leaving fatherless and motherless children to raise themselves.  Be assured God sees what is going on and one day the verdict will come down…’Enough is enough…no more!”

Next week we will look at a subject that has become a ‘religion’ to many…environmentalism.  Some have so gotten into this religion that it is more important to save an animal than a human baby.  It has become an excuse to confiscate private property.  And global warming, which has been going on for millions of years, is now going to destroy the earth in 12 years…just ask AOC. Wouldn’t some concern about eternity seem to be in order?

– Bob Munsey

“Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change someone else’s life forever.”  – Margaret Cho

P.S.   As many may be aware,  I started writing “Politics and the Church” more than four years ago at the ‘encouragement’ of a Methodist pastor who told me there was no place for politics in the church.  I was a firm believer of that to be in error and set out to investigate.  Over the years I am more than convinced that the condition of today’s politics is the result of a ‘divorce’ declared by many of today’s clergy.  Silence to a politician is approval.  Thus we see a million unborn humans…and soon to be, born…murdered every year…with legal approval.  We find the church in confusion over a man marrying a man or woman marrying a woman, rather than trying to develop a permanent solution to poverty…not just a ‘food pantry’ band-aid…or working to heal the family as God intended.  I am doing a study of the Methodist Church and politics in the twentieth century and the more I look into it, I wonder at what point did the clergy become afraid of a subject that has so much power in our nation.  At one time that was not the case.  Is silence in the face of tyranny what a Christian is called to do?  I do not believe so, thus I keep on researching and writing.

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