Politics and the Church – The Politics of God [Part 11]

Last week we saw that the atheists were very concerned about the ‘truth’.  What kind of truth is it that they care about?  The truth is that atheists have been engaged in a relentless campaign to distort the facts about history and theology and philosophy and religion for so long, they wouldn’t recognize the truth if it slapped them in the face.  Before I go any further I must apologize.  In my writing I have been substituting the word “godless” for “atheists” and that is not exactly accurate.  Atheists do have a god…money, material, power, influence.  The very ‘god’ our God’s ‘politics’ warns us about.  No wonder that’s the center of the atheists world.  Now back to the truth.  The truth is that no sane, sincere, and intelligent person could deny that there is a rational basis for believing in God.  Though his existence cannot be proven scientifically, it can be shown logically and persuasively in dozens of ways.  One truth is that the center of the atheists worldview is an unsolvable riddle: Where did everything come from?  Atheists cannot come up with an answer for this.

If atheists are in the dark about the deepest and most important realities of life…why are they so eager to destroy the solace that faith gives to so many people?  The answer simply may be that “misery loves company”. Since atheists believe in nothing except themselves, they have no hope.  Like all unhappy people, they want everyone else to be unhappy too.  They can’t understand or accept it when other people don’t share their hopeless outlook.  That makes them angry and resentful.  The only way they can be content in their misery is to dismiss people of faith as being of lower intelligence than they.  Since that is not enough, they spend their time doing their best to deprive others of their faith.  Part of the process to rationalize their hard-heartedness  is by citing the “harm” that religion does to mankind. The term”religion” can and has been misused frequently.  To me “religion” is a process by which humans form a particular way to worship.  It can include God worship, ‘god’ worship, ‘power’ worship…this has given ‘religion’ the bad name it has… or just the worship of anything that fulfills the empty space within the spirit of each human. Unfortunately ‘religion’ has had bad connotations throughout history and this has put atheists conveniently in the noble position of defending humanity even against the ‘religion’ of God worship.

Another plausible explanation for their hostility is that atheists desperately want to rid the world of any notion of transcendent truth…especially moral truth…because it stands in the way of their own decant, selfish, and immoral desires. Peter  Hitchens in contrast to his atheist brother, Christopher, has come up with one possible explanation in his book The Rage Against God.  To paraphrase his answer: Atheists don’t want the consequences that faith in God brings.  They don’t want their actions to have significance.  What they really want is unfettered hedonism.  What they care about is themselves.  Atheism is the worship of self, and any belief system that contradicts the worship of self…like Christianity…is a threat to them and their lifestyle.

The deepest truth is something very dark and very disturbing.  A few random words help us…pride, deception, murder, death, and suffering.  These words have been used to describe the actions and characteristics of atheists over the course of the last few centuries and especially the last few years.  Where else have we seen these words or variations thereof used?  To anyone who has even read a bit of the Scripture they have a familiar ring.  They play an ominous role in both the first and last parts of the Bible…Genesis and Revelation.  These two books are of particular scorn by atheists…the origin of existence.  Atheists mock these books because of all the allegorical stories they tell.  Atheists love to say these stories are silly myths, thus proving that Judaism and Christianity are bogus religions.  Another feeble attempt to tear down the faith with ‘straw-man’ arguments.  The majority of the faithful understand that these stories are meant as much more than factual accounts of historical events.  Rather, they are theological allegories, laden with hidden meaning and symbolism.  Their whole point is to convey profound and universal truths in a simple and poetic way.  That doesn’t mean they are not based on historical facts…or that some aren’t even historically accurate…but their primary message is theological in nature.  For example, the central meaning of the first chapter of the book of Genesis is not that God created the universe in six twenty-four-hour earth periods called ‘days’, but rather that the universe was indeed created out of nothing…and that it was God who did the creating.  God did not haphazardly throw the cosmos together.  He had a plan from the beginning…a fixed and orderly plan.  The atheists detest this possibility.  This is the essence of the Biblical story of creation.  To criticize this is a demonstration of limited intellect  unable to see beyond the literal.  I found an interesting commentary concerning Richard Dawkins, a supposed expert ‘on everything’.  The commentary brought out how foolish Dawkins looks in light of God as Creator: “There is thus a curious connection between the doctrine of creation out of nothing and the professional life of Richard Dawkins.  Without God, Dawkins would be out of a job.  It is particularly churlish of him to call the existence of his employer into question”.  Dawkins passed away earlier this year.  I guess he has now been educated in the truth. [Terry Eagleton, Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009), pg.9].

More on how atheists have impacted ‘man’s politics’ next week and how the impact is having a destructive influence on our society.  As much as I respect our Constitution and its Amendments, it is being used to undermine the moral foundations our Founding Fathers intended.  It is either being ignored or so twisted that the society that has been permitted by ‘man’s politics’ to evolve has little resemblance to the world ‘God’s politics’ ever intended.  In the next few weeks we will see how the policies put in place by ‘man’s politics’ are slowly destroying our beloved nation.  If God’s churches don’t get deeply involved soon, we will have passed the point of no return and as Israel learned time and time again, there is a price to pay.

– Bob Munsey

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