Politics and the Church – Safe Harbor, Restoring the Church #2

Last week we touched on the concept of Church v. church.  This week I will offer an opinion on how we can be the Church.  We cannot change the world.  In fact, we can not even change one other person; only God can do that.  But not to worry: transforming lives is God’s job, and He does it to perfection.  We will never become the ultimate human beings we were conceived by God to be until we give Him full control of our lives.  Only God can supply exactly what we need to become who He created us to be.  Despite our occasional sense on omniscience and omnipotence…better known as arrogance…we are really very limited.  Yet we are invaluable to the kingdom of God.  What can we do?  We can turn our lives over to the Holy Spirit and let Him transform us into the likeness of Christ.  The more we let God direct our lives, the more difference we will make in other people’s lives.  We will be given the chance to team with others who are also committed to being the hands and feet that God uses to alter our current reality.  Thousands of books are produced every year that provide guidance on how to live a more Christlike existence.  I will try to identify some practical steps to consider if we would like to integrate our faith into a life that moves America toward a more Biblical environment.  These ideas are not exhaustive or definitive non-negotiable in considering national reform.  Hopefully this and all the writing I have done over the past two years will spark ideas and stroke your passion in relation to the role we can play in guiding America to make the cultural U-turn it so desperately needs.  Much of the challenge we face is about deepening and intensifying our relationship with God.  Willingness to grow and take advantage of the assistance that other like-minded people offer won’t get us or the nation very far unless we have identified the irrevocable commitments we will make and the boundaries we will not transcend.  In the end the world will not be effected by our efforts unless we put some “boots on the ground”…put our faith in action.

In the next weeks we will look at what these three thrusts…our preparation, commitments, and action…might look like.  They will include ‘personal growth’; priorities and purpose; seeking transformation in our minds, emotions, behavior, and spirits; and meaningful commitments to community, family, the disadvantaged and hurting.  The challenge is not easy and requires our interface with God’s Word, the Church, and the sharing of faith in good and bad times.  As with any meaningful endeavor it requires dedication and focus on the goal.  We will see how the political world can be affected by each of us if only we will commit to service.  Our efforts will lead this nation to ‘safe harbor’ and the Church will play a major role.

– Bob Munsey

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